Preparing for Call Success: 3 Steps to Close a Deal

Preparing for Call Success 3 Steps to Close a Deal

When it comes to closing deals, our VP of Operations and Client Services, Jaime Garcia, has done his research and has mastered the art of closing deals, and is an expert on turning a discovery call or meet and greet into a new client. Here’s what he had to say about how to close a deal.

Learn how to do call preparation

When trying to close a deal and secure a new client, it is important to understand how to talk to your contacts. People prefer familiarity; and as much as the product is important, you are also selling the relationship between your company and theirs. That is why call preparation is so crucial to closing deals. By taking the time to learn about prospects before entering the exploratory call, you increase your chances of sealing the deal. This call preparation allows for more targeted questions, which tell the contact that you are well informed about their company, you understand their problems, and your solutions are specifically tailored to suit their needs.

Ask the big questions

“Ask the big questions. The ones you wouldn’t be able to ask if you didn’t do your homework.”

Jaime Garcia, Callbox

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Do the research

Call preparation is fueled by research, so I start by taking notes. In order to prepare the right questions to ask a potential customer, you need to learn about their wants and needs. Often, the best place to start is the company website. There you can read the About Us section, blog posts, and company updates that reveal where your potential client is engaging. A company’s career portal is another excellent source of information because it shows what services are in demand and the company’s budget for those services. Should that demand overlap with what you’re offering, then you have a foot in the door. Understanding competitors, partners, and the target market is crucial to proposing a solution to a potential client and closing a deal.

Set your agenda

“Set your agenda but understand theirs.”

Jaime Garcia, Callbox

Personalize your product 

After all the preparation and research are considered, you should understand your prospect inside and out in order to close a deal. From here, you can ask more informed questions about your contact’s needs, which will lead to a more in-depth conversation. Additionally, since you have researched your contact’s problems, you can have some potential solutions already available. Rather than trying to sell a product, you are leveraging your ability to help the potential client and meet a need that the target company has. Since you researched partners, you can recommend new ones. Your knowledge of competitors can help you suggest ways to outpace corporate rivals. Each piece of research helps you craft a story that fits their agenda while clearly establishing yours.


Through a combination of call preparation, research, and personalization, you can optimize exploratory calls, giving you the best chance possible of closing deals.

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