How to Build an Outbound Lead Generation Strategy from Scratch

How to Build an Outbound Lead Generation Strategy from Scratch (Featured Image)

We all know that an outbound lead generation strategy is quintessential to any marketing campaign, but isn’t starting one from scratch a little daunting?

However, there’s nothing to fear, the lead generation services experts are here. In this article, we help you examine the benefits of starting a lead generation strategy from scratch using something we like to call “The Callbox Method.”

So grab a notebook, whether you’re in the middle of strategizing or looking for something new to explore, we’ve got you covered!

The Research

Callbox believes that research is the best foundation for success and being able to properly conduct this in a systematic way will help you with your planning process. It may be surprising to note that research does even start with getting to know the customer but rather your own business itself.

  • What is our value proposition?
  • How are we better than our competitor(s)?
  • If we’re not, what sets us apart?
  • What kind of customers do we want to have?
  • How can we adapt to the growing needs of our prospects?

Asking questions like this will help determine if you can move on to the next step.

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Your Foundation: The Customer Profile Selection Process

Each buyer has a unique persona, but we like to follow the ABM process because if you were to assign an individual persona and customized marketing for each buyer, we wouldn’t have enough time in the world to do anything else.

Before you even start building a master list of people you want to reach out to, you should first be able to qualify which personas will you be targeting. It is through this process that you can then start building your list out and categorizing where clients fit into.

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Equipping Your Team

It is imperative that your team is on board with your lead generation strategy and that they have S.M.A.R.T. objectives laid out for them. A lot of smiles when S.M.A.R.T. is mentioned but even if it’s a foundational strategy, it’s still one of the best ways to goal set with your team.

Apart from having the right mindset heading into the battle for sales dominance, you also have to make sure that they are fully equipped for the war. This means getting them familiarized with the tactics that you will be using, the tools, and the feedback processes.

Make sure that they are familiar with the software and the buyer personas, too!

All of this has to be unified in order for them to do some “figurative” damage in the marketplace.

Customized Targeted Messaging

Once your team is equipped and your master list is slowly being built, it’s time for you to examine the buyer personas that you have and decide how you will tackle each. You have to note that personalization is key here and you may optionally group certain personas under one category if they tend to react or behave slightly the same as one another. Once you’ve sorted this out, take extra steps to ensure that your messaging for each persona group is distinct.

If you have the manpower for it, you can assign a point person for each buyer persona that you have. In this way, you’ve got specialization within your team which leads to efficiency in productivity.

Start laying down plans on how to leverage LinkedIn and other social media platforms, emails, and even a phone campaign. Check out how you can streamline the personas with the message that you want to bring forward.

Multi-touch Multi-channel Marketing

You cannot just stop by sending them an email. You have to be present wherever your prospects are present and allow your team to be able to deliver a message that is one and the same but expressed in different forms depending on the outlet that you are using.

Your message has to be seamless whether they are in your physical store, your marketing event, an ad on Facebook, or the content of the email that you have sent them.

But, wait.

Make sure that you do not flood them with constant badgering messages lest they find you annoying and never want to deal with you again. Keep it simple, but streamlined.

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Lead Nurturing: Using Data

Almost everyone knows how to nurture, but you have to be able to do this using data. This keeps things accurate and clear-cut. You do not want to be lead nurturing people who do not want to deal with you any longer nor do you want to launch a lead nurture campaign without having a proper feedback process.


Make sure that you have a feedback system to ensure that you are still up-to-date with the goals that you have.

There are a lot of ways to build up your lead generation strategy and looking at it from scratch is often the best way to do it. It clears your mind from distractions and lets you focus on your core competencies and the foundation that you have. When done right, proper lead nurturing can be your ticket to better revenue and customer relationships!

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