Budweiser Brand Mistake: Lessons In Lead Generation

Who has not heard of Budweiser? This is an iconic American beer that always has a place in the market. Still, even though Bud’s have made a mark in its customers, profits are slipping. That is why they decided to expand their product line. The only problem here is: sales are not picking up. It seems that, in the desire to cover a larger market segment they still end up with poor sales. Why is that so? And what can we glean about this that can affect your own lead generation efforts?

The main mistake that Budweiser made was in expanding their product line too much. Under their brand, they introduced concoctions that may appeal to a broader market, but ultimately confusing the core identity of Budweiser. A lot of companies make that same mistake, especially in their telemarketing campaigns. When you offer too many options to your sales leads, you only end up confusing them as to what your business is all about. Budweiser, in their case, was known primarily for their beer, so introducing options like Lime-a-Rita and Bud Light Platinum can dilute their market share.

To avoid such problems, and keep your appointment setting process running smoothly, it is best to just stay true to your main strengths. Coke did that, so it is not hard to imagine that it can work the same way with you. You just need to know what exactly you can offer your B2B leads prospects, so you can craft a good sales pitch.