B2B Lead Generation as a Service: Everything You Need to Know

Lead generation can provide a long-term source of your revenue but… ONLY IF you do it right. That is why in recent years, lead generation services have boomed in the market because of the continuous demand for them.

Statistics, however, reveal that 61% of B2B marketers struggle at generating high-quality leads. That’s a pretty big number. Meanwhile, 40 percent of your market is ready to buy BUT ONLY 3 percent are actively buying. 

What do those numbers tell you?

There’s a lot of opportunities to find high-converting leads but only a few businesses are equipped. Therefore, if your business is not reaching your lead generation goal, chances are you are doing lead gen all wrong. 

Get more inbound and outbound leads and close more deals

Time to Throw the Towel

For lead generation to become effective, having only the tools nor the people is not enough. 

  • Is your team trained to do lead generation?
  • Are they trained to use the tools?
  • Do you have a dedicated team for lead generation?

If you answered “NO” to all three questions. It’s time to throw in the towel. Hire an expert team that will bring you the numbers you want. 

B2B Lead Generation as a Service

Outsourcing your lead generation brings a number of advantages. 

  • They know how to identify who your ideal clients are
  • They have the tools to churn the numbers 
  • They qualify and nurture leads

Here are some other things they can add value to your business:

Give you your ideal customer

Once they know the kind of customer that you prefer, they can use the details in finding the right lead that can help you grow your business. 

Keep your sales pipeline full

They have the tools and skills to find high quality leads, so you don’t have to worry about your pipeline running dry. 

And high quality leads mean one thing – they have a higher chance of converting and becoming a client.

Collect and analyze data

Outsourced lead gen providers are good at gathering bulks of information about the prospects so that they can effectively qualify these leads.

Qualify and nurture leads

Lead gen services does all the dirty work for you from generating to nurturing the leads. 

Qualifying and nurturing leads are very critical steps in the lead gen process. If leads are not properly qualified and just thrown to the next stage, you’ll just be wasting time and money. 

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What to Look For When Hiring Lead Generation Service Provider

It’s easy to get a lead gen services company. But to get one that fits with your business is quite challenging. So here are a few tips for you: 

• They should understand your goal. If not, conflict and costly errors might arise. 

• Hire a company that has the tools needed to gather leads efficiently and for maximum results. That’s the reason why you’re hiring them, after all. 

An effective lead generation service must be able to provide high-quality leads that are ready to be converted into customers.

Are You Ready for a Lead Generation Partner?

So, is it time for you to outsource a team of lead generation?

The information we mentioned in this article should give you an idea whether you are ready or not. 

If you want to know more information about lead generation as a service, give us a call or send us an email. We have a team who will walk you through and help you set up your personal lead gen strategy.

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