B2B Lead Generation: 5 Email Tips to Reach CTR Heaven

B2B Lead Generation 5 Email Tips to Reach CTR Heaven

Email marketing is the perfect tool to grow your website traffic. But it will never happen unless recipients are compelled to click the hyperlinks you included in your email. Fortunately, there are ways to increase your chances of that happening.

Here are five tips to help you boost your email’s click-through rates:

1. First, make sure your emails are opened

Although this sounds pretty obvious, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. Just because your email is ‘sent’ mean it has been ‘opened’. Increase the open rates of your email:

  • Identify yourself: Make it perfectly clear for the recipient who the sender is.
  • Write an appealing subject line
  • Compose a strong snippet or pre-header

2. Stick to one clear call to action

Having multiple calls to action (CTAs) only makes it confusing for your recipients. Determine what the main goal of your email is, and make sure your call to action serves that goal, and that goal only. Make sure to include:

  • What is expected of prospects
  • Where the CTA will take prospects
  • Why prospects have to go that path

3. Create mobile-proof emails

Not optimizing your emails for mobile is a slip-up you can’t afford to make. Develop your email templates using responsive design, which will help you maintain reach with mobile users.

Also, keep in mind that mobile users click using their fingers instead of a mouse. Make sure all your calls to action are large enough and your hyperlinks have enough space between them.

4. Be relevant

Your database is a powerful asset you can use to increase the number of clicks in your emails. With the database, you can send your recipients relevant, customized emails that fit their needs.

Prospects are more grateful when things are made easier for them, so if the sales process that you’re offering feels ‘personalized’ for their own pleasure of experience, they’d be more willing to do business.

5. Test and measure

The best way to improve your open rates is by testing a variety of strategies and to keep measuring the results, because target groups differ. Also, prospects’ behavior in opening and responding to emails differ in various parts of a season or a year. This is when A/B tests become useful in tweaking and molding techniques until you find the right one and earn the click-through rate you’re yearning for.