A Rundown of the Best Lead Generation Techniques Every Startup Business Should Adopt

Callbox blog image with text "A Rundown of the Best Lead Generation Techniques Every Startup Business Should Adopt"

When it comes to B2B lead generation, startup businesses are mostly at a lost.

Branding and setting up a company mission and vision pretty much constitute the initial phases of a campaign, but there’s no doubt neophyte companies have to undergo the grueling business of acquiring qualified sales leads.

It’s a tough job even for experienced marketers. But there are ways to get around the complexities of the discipline.

It is imperative for startup businesses to stop lollygagging and start including these effective b2b lead generation techniques in their tactical drafts.

Rely on Referrals. Referrals are a good way to expand your brand’s reach. To have your customers recommending potential targets, you should be able to forge an effective online platform through your blog or website. In such cases, you might want to consider setting up fill forms and webinars that allow users to share content with their peers. Allowing them the liberty to spread your brand could help increase conversions rates.

Nurture Existent Networks. Being a startup is hard, especially when you possess an eagerness to acquire your very first set of equally eager prospects. But many marketers will tell you that the chances of getting new networks through social media are very minimal, most especially when you don’t have a profound standing. However, expansion can be possible through the networks you already engage in.  Whether they are friends or businesses, they offer a good avenue in which to dry run your campaign.

Practice your Telemarketing Muscles. In the campaign for leads, the telephones lead the charge. Cold and hot calling prospects are often cited as personalized ways of making a sale and following up on new offers. However, many startups seem to ignore their potential. The costs are just too intimidating, and the guarantees don’t seem very promising. For this, it is important that you hire a firm that has multi-channel marketing capabilities and is results-oriented to the point of giving a good ROI stream.

Devise a Direct Mail Scheme. Aside from hitting the phones, you might want to indulge in the ever relevant advantages of direct email marketing. As we all know, there are prospects that mostly prefer email correspondence above everything else, necessitating an engagement with that very demographic. Initiate your direct mail campaign in small personalized batches to 100 prospects. And depending on the results of your strategy, you might as well expand your mailing list to include more prospects.

In essence, startups shouldn’t need to examine their excuses not to engage in lead generation. Opportunities for expansion abound, but they can’t come to you if you can’t do anything to gain qualified leads.