A Lesson in Lead Generation: Add Some Sauce to your Storytelling

A Lesson in Lead Generation- Add Some Sauce to your Storytelling

The precedence of blogging and social media in B2B marketing has led to an increase in the need for “unique” and “engaging” stories as buyers have developed a more sophisticated decision-making ethic.

But with the way things are changing, companies are under constant pressure to craft as much content as possible. And the result has always led to the same thing: A stream of repetitive and low-quality blog articles and informational materials created just to add “meat” for corporate websites.

The worst part of this is the little regard for uniqueness and customer engagement.

This is obviously a bad thing because who would want a bland steak anyway? Where’s the sauce?!

It appears that storytelling has deviated from its original role of establishing valuable relationships and instead embraced a world of content quotas.

It all seems fair to say that audiences want unique relationships which can only be attained by promoting stories that play into the emotional and rational biases of B2B audiences. Current demands point to an increasing primacy for content that:

Address present issues: Regardless of the type of industry you belong, there are always client issues for you to urgently solve. You will need to identify these issues and position your solutions in a way that satisfyingly tackles them.

Has balanced diversity: Settling for a purely technical content campaign is like sitting on a stool with two legs missing. It is vital therefore for you to augment your white papers and case studies with creative text- and image-based content and to this effect build a sturdy digital lead generation campaign.

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Are consistent with your goals: What numbers are you aiming to improve? Whether it is your bounce rate or conversions, you will need to map out your strategies providing the most suitable routes for attaining these goals.

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Put audiences first: It’s easy to say that the search engines provide visibility. But creating highly valuable experiences for potential clients is an issue you shouldn’t risk neglecting in favor of meeting a keyword quota. Substance is after all essential in turning site visitors into high quality leads.

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Use credible sources: For want of a better brand image and a loyal client base, take pains to search for credible data to support your infographics and other blog content. Always source your information from places like B2BMarketing.net and ContentMarketingInstitute.com.

Lead generation success is possible once you play up these principles in creating content. It may involve a lot of work, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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