6 Tips On How To Follow Up On Your Sales Leads


Small business owners, especially those selling services or large expensive products, are often faced with the need to follow up on their sales leads. However, those who are new to business end up feeling like they are intruding on their prospective client’s privacy by initiating a call. Some even fear that their leads would think they are simply after the profit. This should not be so, and you might even be surprised to know that your leads were expecting you to make that follow up call.

Here is a list of how you can effectively follow up your business and sales leads:

    1. To remove the uncertainty you have about following up on receptive leads, remember that leads themselves have no concrete value. A hundred qualified sales leads will probably only result to less than 10% of sales. So unless you’ve successfully converted your sales leads, you shouldn’t let fear or doubt stop you.
    1. Have your b2b telemarketers follow up with leads on a schedule. To make sure this task is not neglected and unconsciously set aside for more time consuming data profiling tasks and the all important sales leads generation, make it a habit to add this to your daily “to do list”.
    1. Don’t be the salesman when following up your leads. Be the solution. You don’t want to call your prospective clients and go: “Hi, I just want to remind you that you said you were going to buy our product/service the last time we talked. I thought I should remind you so you won’t forget what you promised.”
    1. To have a better chance with your follow up, have your best appointment setter do the follow up call. B2B appointment setting requires a straightforward approach, and you shouldn’t let gatekeepers control the situation. If the decision maker is unavailable on the first date you’ve suggested, give another specific date until you have set a schedule.
  1. Business and sales leads who simply can’t be scheduled for an appointment should be returned to the b2b telemarketers, unless they have asked to be removed from your telemarketing lists. Unless they explicitly request to be removed, you have permission to give them another telemarketing call. You can do this most especially if they never responded on your follow up call.

You can hire a telemarketing call center to do the follow up calls for you if you feel unsure about how to do it. Simply hiring professional telemarketers can take a huge amount of stress from your management responsibilities.