The 6-Day Lead Management Bootcamp (Free Email Course)

The 6-Day Lead Management Bootcamp [Free Email Course]

We know that all leads aren’t created equal, but most marketers handle prospects like they’re all the same anyway.

  • 68% of marketers still haven’t figured out their funnel.
  • 33% send leads directly to sales upon receipt.
  • 79% don’t have any system in place for ranking and scoring leads.

That’s why a great deal of marketing effort and resources end up falling short:

  • 8 in 10 leads don’t turn into customers
  • 50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting activities
  • 42% of reps feel they don’t have enough information before engaging leads

Having a solid lead management process is what separates great marketers and sales professionals from the rest of the pack. According to Forrester, 46% of marketers with well-planned lead management programs have sales teams that follow up on 75% of leads.

That’s because proper lead management helps you track leads better, engage them the right way, and improve conversions. It’s an essential component of any modern marketing and sales operations.

To help you develop a solid grasp of this critical area, we recently launched Lead Management Bootcamp, a free email course designed to give marketers the essential knowledge and tools to create and implement an effective lead management program.

The course material is divided into six in-depth lessons, each tackling a key lead management topic.

1. Pinpointing Your Target Leads

Lead management relies on exact lead definitions and categories. That’s why the process starts with an identification of what specifically makes up your target leads.

In the course, you’ll learn how to develop ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and buyer personas to help make your lead definitions more precise and concrete. You’ll find out which characteristics and attributes to monitor so that your leads resemble your target customers as closely as possible.

2. Capturing Crucial Lead Information

There can be a daunting amount of lead information you can collect about your leads and prospects, but only a handful will be very useful for lead management.

The course helps you gain a firm understanding of the two main kinds of prospect information: fit data and intent data. Here, you’ll learn how to navigate the often-bewildering process of lead data collection, and apply best practices to narrow the amount of prospect information down to the absolute essentials.

3. Scoring and Ranking Leads

Once you know what types of prospect data to collect, it’s time to develop a lead scoring model. A lead score helps you determine how likely prospects will convert based on the different fit and intent information they’re showing.

It can be a bit challenging to set up a lead scoring model. That’s why this part of the course walks you through the design and implementation process step by step while including handy tips and best practices along the way.

Callbox’s Guide to Lead Scoring walks you through an overview of the lead scoring system we follow here at Callbox.

4. Lead Nurturing

In today’s complex B2B purchase process, your main role is to guide prospects throughout their buying journey. You do this by matching prospects with a lead nurture path that best aligns with how they research and evaluate potential purchases.

We devote an entire lesson in this course for a thorough discussion of lead nurturing. You’ll learn how to create a lead nurture plan from scratch—from choosing an appropriate buyer journey model to filling out a persona-funnel matrix, all the way to defining a lead nurture cadence.

Callbox’s Lead Nurture tool demo video shows an automated lead nurturing process in action.

5. The Lead Handoff

Ensuring a smooth transfer of leads from marketing to sales is one of the top reasons for having a robust lead management program.

This course teaches you how to lay the groundwork for a seamless lead handoff process by making sure your lead management plan facilitates marketing-sales alignment. You’ll also learn how to create a lead handoff plan using a proven five-step guide.

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6. Tracking Leads and Measuring Results

Your lead management program won’t function without a robust way to monitor leads and measure results throughout the conversion process. That’s why lead tracking ties everything in the lead management process together.

Adequate lead tracking requires three things: a closed-loop reporting system, lead management metrics, and an appropriate attribution model. Each of these requirements is thoroughly discussed in the final lesson of the course.

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In short, this course covers everything you need to know to build a lead management program from the ground up or to improve your current process further. Sign up for the free email course today.

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6-Day Lead Management Bootcamp [Email Course]
6-part email course that offers in-depth discussions, practical advice, and hands-on activities to help you create and implement a solid lead management program.