5 Helpful Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile For Better Lead Generation

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For the business to business sector, the indispensable social media choice is definitely LinkedIn. More so than any other social media platform available, LinkedIn has attracted the attention of mostly business people because of its professional appeal. This is also the reason why a lot of business people and b2b marketers use it for their online lead generation campaigns in addition to their website. To get the best results for your online marketing, you have to make your profile as professional as possible. Here are 5 tips to turn your company’s LinkedIn profile into an effective b2b lead generation tool.

1. Upload a professional photo.

Having a photo on your profile helps it become more “official”. But don’t just upload any photo of yourself on your LinkedIn page. To get the attention of the decision makers in your market niche, upload a photo of yourself in business attire as it has been found that people respond better to these types of photos. You will have a better chance of getting qualified business appointments when you appear professional right from the start.

2. Don’t waste your invites.

LinkedIn allows only 3000 invites, so you must use these wisely. Don’t just randomly invite people whom you are unsure about. If you have think that that person is a qualified business lead, then research about him first. Check his website or his profiles on other social networks. Once you are sure that he is a qualified business lead, invite him to be your connection.

3. Use keywords for your profile.

Just like your website, if you want to be visible when your business leads search LinkedIn, use your target keywords to describe yourself. Use these to describe your experiences, summary, skills and expertise. The more you use your keywords, the more chances you have of showing up in searches for these keywords.

4. Get recommendations from your previous clients.

Recommendations are a great way for your potential business leads to find out how you work without needing to ask your clients. You can ask your existing and previous clients to write a few sentences to recommend you, your company, or your products to anyone who might view your profile.

5. Join relevant groups.

LinkedIn groups allow like-minded business people to share their thoughts or discuss matters that are important to them. Joining groups relevant to your niche will not only give you access to getting a lot of qualified b2b sales leads, but also to the knowledge that they have shared to the whole group.