5 Common Mishaps (and remedies) in B2B Lead Generation

Our conscious actions are sometimes dictated by our unconscious motives, and there are moments when we get caught up in our goals too much that we fail to notice even the most obvious of mistakes. This is normal, especially in a complex field such as B2B lead generation. No marketing campaign is 100% flawless, and the only weapon against imperfection is preparation – in this case, identifying mistakes that you should see coming your way.

These mistakes often sound like good ideas in the beginning until you realize that the damage is done. It’s hard to fight an urge when your instinct tells you you’re doing the right thing, but as a marketer you must stay objective and focus on what’s ultimately good for the campaign. Here are 5 hard-to-avoid traps that marketers usually fall into:

    1.  Wasting efforts on unrelated marketing activities. Every so often we bump into random opportunities for marketing. There are rare chances when they do deserve a look, but most of the time, using valuable resources on activities that are not an integral part of your marketing plan is a bad idea. If it improve other aspects of your strategy or assist in achieving your long-term goals, you might as well dedicate your energy on more important things.
    2. Putting more emphasis on the marketing message than the audience. Yes, you may have come up with an excellent campaign idea, but your whole world should not revolve around it. Don’t get too obsessed with your message; instead, focus on how you would convey that message to your customers.  It’s for them to absorb, and not for your own egoistic pleasure.
    1. Romanticizing the market minority. Listening to and learning from feedback improves your delivery of service. But as a marketer, you should learn how to filter this feedback based on relevance and validity. A vocal minority’s opinions may not represent the sentiments of your entire target market, and it may give you a wrong impression on what they truly want.
    1. Giving too many choices. If a customer is faced with so many options, it becomes difficult for him to decide that he may end up not choosing one instead. Not only that, people tend to become less satisfied of their choices if they had to reject a lot of other options before they could take a pick.
  1. Loving the status quo. The old saying, “Don’t fix something if it’s not broken” doesn’t apply in B2B lead generation. Buyer behavior is constantly changing, technology is rapidly evolving, and opportunities are always arising. If your marketing plan is not riding the waves, you may end up being washed back onto the sand.