3 Action Plans to Add to your Lead Generation Strategy Next Year

3 Action Plans to Add to your Lead Generation Strategy Next Year

It’s still more than three busy months to go before we say a fond adieu to 2014. But marketers know better than to wait for the actual new year to kick in before they start planning for a whole new round of business strategy.

Q4 is the perfect time to contemplate on the fate of 2015 in terms of B2B lead generation — which certain aspects are to be improved, which ones are to be retained, and which ones are to take a back seat. The blueprint for the entire year needs to be consequential not only to the partial outcome of the current year, but also responsive to the upswinging trends that will most likely take the spotlight in the near future.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you should know that the business landscape is looking into fostering a sacred, eternal union with the internet. And so far, they’ve been a sweet couple.

The fact that strategies need to lean toward an improvement on the digital side of business is not really Earth-shattering news, but the question is: what exactly are the demands of 2015 in terms of digital lead generation?

A more effective data management system

It used to be that the problem was how to get data for business analytics. Today, the problem lies on what to do with so much data. There are plenty of ways to collect industry insights, but simply turning them into colorful pie charts and slide presentations just won’t cut it.

As more and more information are readily available thanks (or no thanks?) to technology, the challenge now for marketing leaders is to come up with ways on how to put these data to use — not just as “benchmarks”, but actually utilizing them to formulate a marketing strategy from the ground up.

Foraying into uncharted marketing channel territories

Okay, maybe not “uncharted”, but something that your business hasn’t tried before. Expanding your responsibilities to include additional activities may be daunting at first, but that’s why planning ahead is crucial, so things could go rolling by the start of the new year. Not on social media yet? Start off by creating a Twitter account. Thinking of producing shareable media such as videos and slides? Go ahead and brainstorm on good content.

The point is to kickstart fresh activities that would give your business more online presence, and those efforts would eventually snowball into more opportunities to connect.

Fully accepting mobile as a primary player

Mobile devices are taking over and they’re constantly on the move. Deal with it. Marketers can no longer afford to give mobile marketing some sort of half-baked priority, because the industry is not showing any sign of resisting its rise to dominance. In fact, the numbers are rather unprecedented; just earlier this year, mobile devices have dethroned PC usage in terms of internet usage and in terms of online retail for the first time in history. And that’s not all: Search Engine Land predicted that Google searches on mobile will surpass PC searches by the end of this year. That gives mobile a well-deserved spot on everyone’s marketing strategy checklist.

The nature of B2B lead generation is basically a scavenger hunt for opportunities, and 2015 presents another advancement towards total digitalization. Welcoming this with an open mind and being receptive to change are just small, baby steps.