DIY Lead Generation

The Cost of DIY Lead Generation

Find out how much it would normally cost to set up and run a fully managed, cross-channel lead generation program on your own.

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Setting up your lead generation comes down to 3 factors: Staff, MarTech, y Overhead. This guide breaks down the real costs of running an in-house lead generation and contrasts it with the services provided by Callbox. Get the actual numbers behind Staff salaries, MarTech tools, and Overhead expenses to make informed decisions optimizing your lead generation strategy.

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Staff / Expertise

Staff encompasses the costs for salary, training, management, and other personnel-related expenses associated with building and maintaining an in-house team for lead generation. This includes recruitment, onboarding, and ongoing development costs.

$9,850 monthly

Digital Marketing Specialist

$1,050 /month

Full-time SDR and Caller

$5000 /month

Marketing Content Writer

$625 /month

Email Marketing Specialist

$1,050 /month

Lead Generation Strategist and Production Manager

$1250 /month

With Callbox, you can leverage the expertise of our dynamic professionals boasting over 20 years of collective experience. The Callbox program covers the overhead staff expenses related to recruitment, training, and management, streamlining your business operations efficiently.

  • Full-time SDR
  • Client Success Management
  • Jefe de producción
  • Digital Marketers (Email, SMM, content, etc.)
  • Analista de Investigación y Datos
  • Soporte de Ventas
  • And more...
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MarTech includes the monthly costs related to Marketing Technology for both DIY and outsourcing approaches. This category covers expenses such as software licenses, tool subscriptions, implementation, and integration costs necessary for effective lead generation.

$1,592 monthly

Marketing Automation/ Email : Marketing Hub / Marketo

starts at $400 /month

Basic CRM/Sales Development Automation: Hubspot / Zoho

starts at $45 /month

LinkedIn Automation: Linkedhelper

starts at $45 /month

Webinar App: Zoom Pro

starts at $12 /month

SEO Tracker: SemRush

starts at $65 /month

Web Chat App

starts at $25 /month

Database: Zoominfo

starts at $1000 /month

The Callbox program is driven by our Smart Engage Platform combined with other leading-edge marketing technologies. Subscription, integration, implementation, and related costs are all overed by the program, providing you with a comprehensive solution without additional financial burdens.

  • Database
  • inbound Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Prospecting and Outreach
  • Automation and Nurturing
  • CRM
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Overhead entails the indirect costs tied to lead generation efforts, whether pursued in-house or outsourced. This category encompasses office space, utilities, equipment, and other erational expenses that contribute to the overall financial investment in generating leads for your business.

$3,940 monthly

Digital Marketing Specialist

starts at $3,940 /month

Callbox covers facility costs, utilities, and other operational expenditures, allowing you to focus on core business activities without the hassle of managing additional operational overhead.





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