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Account-based marketing and lead generation services for conversation intelligence software solutions companies.

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Engage qualified CI software sales leads

Whether it’s marketing, sales or customer calls, a large chunk of today’s conversations rely on data and a lot of organizations are starting to put budget on CI software tech. This only means that competition is tight in the CI software space.

We help CI software companies identify and engage the best-fit potential customers through ABM lead generation. By connecting them with the key decision makers that impact software purchase decisions, we help them close more deals faster.

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  • Connect with high-impact CI software buyers

    Get in front of the right companies and contacts – focus your efforts on buyers that match your brand’s ideal customer profile.

  • Shorten the long sales cycle of software sales

    Nurture leads into warm prospects through one-on-one communication that takes place across channels.

  • Drive more revenue by closing warm enterpise software leads

    Accelerate your pipeline by focusing your sales team on the opportunities that will most likely convert.

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Callbox Lead Generation Success Stories

ABM-Focused Campaigns Double Sales Opportunities for Managed Cloud Firm

This managed cloud provider struggled to scale up ABM results. Callbox helped them nearly double the leads in their pipeline after two campaigns.

144 MQLs
442 Follow-ups
551 Social Media Connections

Connect with more Conversation Intelligence Software Leads

We equip your Callbox Account-based Marketing campaigns with a complete range of tools and resources to find and reach prospects using our proven sales prospecting approach.

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