Winning Tactics Businesses Can Learn from the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl weekend just ended, but people are still buzzing about it with excitement, recalling all their favorite highlights with their friends and families, and rightfully so! The Super Bowl is the most-watched and most-anticipated sporting event in the United States and even though it’s not an official holiday, it is most definitely treated like one. People get together with their friends and family, great food, gush over the artists playing during halftime, and passionately cheer their favorite teams on to victory. 

This year’s winning team is Kansas City Chiefs who won with a spectacular comeback as this is their first Super Bowl win in 50 years. Ecstatic is an understatement for what their fans and the team have felt when they were announced as this year’s champions. They’ll surely be riding their well-deserved victory high for a long time. 

Being part of a winning team is both an honor and a great feeling, and as we watched the winners of this year’s Super Bowl celebrate their victory, it makes us wonder: What is the key to winning?

In the B2B landscape, such as in lead generation services, competition can be extra tough if you don’t know what you are doing. Let’s take a look at the key tactics that a winning team possesses and how we can apply these to our own marketing strategies.

A Winning Gameplan

No team goes out into the field without a solid gameplan to win. Their coaches do their best to prepare the teams well. That would entail not just their physical endurance and skills, but more than that, coaches think about ways to expose their opponent’s weak link and how to use that to the team’s advantage. 

In the same way, when putting together a marketing strategy, think about what your “winning strategy” would be. In what aspects does your business shine the most? How can you leverage that in your marketplace? Once you’ve figured this out, it’s time to create a plan that will help you get there.

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Give it 1% more

Giving it our best shot is one thing, but what happens when we try to out-best our best? It’s not always about making grand, extraordinary changes or improvements, but what counts and makes the biggest differences oftentimes are the most minute things. How can you go the extra mile with your campaigns? 

This doesn’t apply solely to the person who spearheads the campaign or department, rather it is a team effort. Imagine if everyone chimed in with ideas and suggestions on how to improve your “game” even by just a bit. 1% may seem like such a small thing, but if you corporately try to improve something by 1% every day, it accumulates into bigger results, therefore improving the experience for both you and your clients/customers.

The Quarterback

Undoubtedly the most important player in a football team, the quarterback is the leader of the offense with the success or failure of the game riding on his back. 

Who is the quarterback in your team? By appointing someone to spearhead your campaign, you have to take into consideration that he/she must be someone who possesses good leadership, is quick to think and act when certain situations start to go south. They always have a back-up plan ready. It has to be someone who is also observant and studies your competition with a keen eye.

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Take Risks

Casinos aren’t the only places people place bets at. In fact, Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most popular days where people place bets on their favorite teams left and right. Some people may never even have bought a lottery ticket before, but will sure take a leap of faith on this particular Sunday. It may never pay off, but who knows? It also might. 

Now, in B2B marketing, it’s also important to be a risktaker once in a while. If you only play it safe all the time, you will also garner the same safe results. Learn when to stick by the book and when it’s time to take a new approach to a campaign. You could take a bolder, more unconventional approach in your messaging or calling; find new methods in engaging your audience on your different platforms. Yes, it’s a risk to take and maybe it will not show any results right away, or none at all, but you’ll never know unless you take that leap of faith and go for it. 

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For the Fans!

It’s hard work, endless enduring hours of training, blood, sweat, and tears that get you equipped to play the game, but it’s also the fans that keep you going. The NFL knows exactly how to engage their fans and keep them hyped throughout the event. From the National Anthem to exciting halftime shows, from the crazy music, fireworks to even the TV commercials enjoyed by the people at home, the fans are in it all throughout. 

Your clients, prospects, and audience are your fans. They are what keeps your company thriving. Keep your fans happy and engage them in whatever your business is doing. They enjoy it when you’re being transparent, easy to reach and respond to them personally whether it be through email, calls, or appointment settings. They enjoy knowing and feeling that they are not just mere consumers but also part of something. Use your social media platforms to build a community between you and your audience, communicate with them, address their concerns, and host fun events, giveaways or contests. All these things are what’s going to make them come back for more. 

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The Takeaway

Just like in football, making it all the way and winning is not an easy feat. It takes an enormous amount of strength, determination, and endurance to reach that goal, but once you do, no feeling can compete with that bliss and adrenaline rush. 

There are many things that we can take away from this year’s and all the previous Super Bowl winners that we can apply to our own businesses. In the end, it all comes down to knowing your assets, your strengths, and coming up with a great strategy. Also, remember that you can’t do it all alone. Huddle your marketing and sales team together in order to optimize all the resources you have. After all, teamwork makes the dream work.

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