What’s the Best Marketing Strategy for Merchant Services?

What’s the Best Marketing Strategy for Merchant Services

Promoting merchant services to clients is no skip in the park.

As many institutions require better and more sophisticated technologies to manage large amounts of financial data, there is a need for suppliers to create effective and relevant marketing campaigns for specific products and services that fit the current needs of these institutions (e.g. point-of-sale systems, ATM systems, online transaction and credit card processing). And you can tell it’s not that easy.

If anything, the main struggle merchant services providers face is gaining the confidence of their clients, add to that the fact that it is difficult to track the positions and determine the level interest of clients in the sales funnel.

Considering their technical complexity, merchant services require effective methods of locating and engaging potential buyers. This would mean emphasizing market research. These market research tools might just help you.

But when it comes to getting the attention of target clients, B2B lead generation is no less important.

We know for a fact that many companies from various industries today are putting a lot of money to firm up lead generation campaigns. Definitely, a company offering cash advance services are afforded with greater leverage when it uses proper avenues for getting leads interested in its offers.

With lead generation, merchant services can enjoy:

Effective profiling

Creating an ideal client profile is one thing. Looking for leads that match said profile is another. For obvious reasons, sellers need to look for people that have the right characteristics and attributes (i.e. budget, company size and type). A lead generation service (provided of course by a  strong, results-oriented firm) satisfies that particular need by undertaking extensive market research. Here are the gist of having effective customer profiling.

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Multi-channel engagements

Aside from B2B telemarketing, modern lead generation techniques also incorporate various digital channels such as email, blogging and social media to enhance a service’s image. Learn more about our Multi-Channel marketing approach!

After all, it’s important to use every available means to inform clients about recent offers and discuss about the type of service they want for their institutions.

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Qualified appointments ( a lot of ‘em!)

Probably, the best thing about lead generation is it’s ability to provide qualified prospects (that is, executives and managers that, after extensive exposure to your multi-channel campaigns, intend to go to the next level). These are mainly people that have been scored “hot” and are at that point where a sale is imminent.

Classification of Sales Leads: Hot, Warm or Cold

Know whether your lead is hot, cold or warm. Watch full video..

Of course, not all lead generation campaigns produce the intended effects. Better chances at getting qualified leads and appointments is provided by a firm with experience in the merchant services sector. This if you want your marketing campaign feel like a walk in the park.  

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