What Credible Advertising means to Millennials

What Credible Advertising means to Millennials

More than anything else, a brand’s credibility matters to millennials.

Here are tips to help you build credible marketing strategies.

Millennial consumers have grown up exposed to infinite choices, and this made them more than capable of smart consumption. This is also probably why they are the most studied demographic.

Thus, both established and startup brands are striving to align their values with what millennials believe in. After all, the millennials are beginning to amass the biggest spending power than any previous generations, a power that will only intensify in the coming years.

To get the millennials’ attention, it’s not enough to merely position yourself as the coolest brand out there, because the marketing messages that appeal to millennials go well beyond a product’s face value.

And if you haven’t noticed it yet, this generation is the driving force behind the newest marketing trends taking shape right before our eyes. These marketing strategies are devised to deliver the following messages that millennials value.

Products are gateways to experiences.

A 2014 survey conducted by Eventbrite found that 78% of millennials prefer to spend money to gain new experiences rather than to acquire new items. However, this doesn’t mean the end of retail businesses.

Rather, the secret is in how you craft your messages. Your products aren’t supposed to be one-dimensional accessories but a starting point of better experiences. Marketing messages, therefore, need to focus on how products uplift a customer’s everyday life.

For example, have you ever wondered why coffee shops are almost always big hit among millennials? More than its scent and taste, coffee is advertised as a staple of a productive lifestyle. The message is, “Have a cup of coffee and do more today!” Almost every coffee franchise uses this message in their ads and it creates a necessity not just among millennials but across many, many generations.

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I am unique.

Millennials are always in search of one-of-a-kind products, as they illustrate what makes a brand worth their time and money. If your products or your entire brand is just like any other, millennials can easily find other brands with something exceptional to offer.

Ideally, every business would have something that sets it apart from competitors. Whether it’s in the way they manufacture a product, source raw materials, or engage with their employees, it deserves to be highlighted.

As much as possible, try to build a unique personality for your brand and your products as well as among your team members. This uniqueness should be the core element of your marketing strategies.

I am a proactive member of the society.

The millennial generation is constantly on a mission to make the world a better place. They’re idealistic, passionate about the things they believe in, and they go out of their way to contribute something to their community.

That’s why they prefer to support brands that commit to responsible and socially relevant practices. So if, for example, you donate part of your profit to a social organization, or if you organize volunteer activities, your millennial customers would be happy to know about it.

In fact, some companies even tell their customers how much their raw materials cost or where they hire their laborers. This promotes transparency and lets customers know that they can trust a brand without sacrificing their personal beliefs.

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