Does the Versatility of Mobile Marketing Have a Place in B2B? 

Does the Versatility of Mobile Marketing Have a Place in B2B? 

In the business world, it’s good to be flexible. In 2016, benefits are all about adaptability, and your mobile marketing strategy can still find a home in the B2B community. SMS, at its core, drives custom-tailored solutions for buyers. Unsurprisingly, it’s at the centerfold of many B2B strategies. There’s a reason mobile data was forecasted to increase by 1,525 percent from 2010 and the end of the year. Mobile marketers are cashing in, and they’re taking the reins of their favorite B2B strategies:

Strategy One: SMS Surveys as Vendor Engagement Tools

Great customer service is derived from competitive communications. Much of today’s business is contingent upon the buyer’s awareness. For this reason, SMS surveys have prospered. Businesses are gauging vendor feedback with in-depth surveys, real-time responses, and data-heavy information. SMS surveys are able to scope the industry, determining business offers before they appear.

Strategy Two: Google AdWords as a Mobile Web Resource

In the B2B world, online presence is everything. This year, e-commerce is expected to receive a significant lift from Google AdWords, and it’s projected to benefit from the ever-growing world of mobile access. Mobile searches are brief, and today’s vendors are guided by strict systems of quick access. Google AdWords Keywords Planner Tool shortens the gap, assisting vendors by highlighting long-tail keywords relevant to desired products and deals. If you want to mobilize your B2B strategy, you better identify mobile queries.

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Strategy Three: Automated SMS as a Promotional Platform

Automated SMS platforms are booming, and for good reason: They take the legwork out of targeted promotions. In the past, businesses needed to custom-design texts. Unfortunately, the lack of automation increased the amount of spam considerably. Because modern providers like Textpedite have boosted the modern business’s ability to target effectively, B2B providers needn’t lose customers from seemingly aimless texts. B2B vendors are engaging at the ground level, and they’re encouraging brand participation at trade shows, from social media, in the store, and at various locations.

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Strategy Four: Contextual Data as an E-Commerce Resource

A lot of data-driven marketing utilizes buyer behavior profiles to offer personalized content. Sure, it seems like a B2C resource, but consumers aren’t the only ones who react to data-driven solutions. Because modern businesses are incredibly optimized, B2B gurus are nurturing prospects, boosting relationships, and boosting e-commerce sales by using data-first solutions. Mobile marketing programs offer incredible contextual flexibility, so you needn’t get washed away with the nitty-gritty details. B2B vendors want contextually driven solutions. They want recommended offers, industry exclusives, and stat-driven options.

Strategy Five: Notifications as Business Update Tools

Similar to B2C contact, successful B2B contact needs to be useful. It needs to make long-term communication worthwhile. To keep in contact with the industry’s giants, you’ll need to send out relevant updates. Offer updates on product developments, product launches, scheduled appointments, deliveries and industry news. Many B2B vendors consider transactions when a good bit of information is provided. Don’t keep your buyers in the dark.

Over time, a mobile-powered B2B strategy can capitalize on SMS marketing benefits. Two-way SMS communication, incredible for response rates, is already a baseline resource for data gathering. If you’re intent upon working hard in the B2B world, you’ll need to ferment a strategy capable of achieving great optimization. Sure, consumers often act on a whim. B2B vendors, while similar, however, tend to have structured behavior. Take charge of your mobile marketing strategy, and extend its flexibility into the B2B world. Much of modern B2B strategies are already mobile optimized. Why wait? At the end of the day, your ability to please business vendors exists in your ability to offer structured, adaptable options. Don’t close off any buyer. Embrace the industry.

What’s Next?

How do you ensure that your customer is getting the best mobile experience possible when interacting with your brand? Make sure to share them with us in the comments below. I would love to read them.

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