Using Location-Based Marketing For B2B


While b2c marketers are ecstatic about how location-based marketing has greatly improved their sales lead generation, certain business to business or B2b marketers are left questioning themselves whether this type of marketing strategy can also be an effective option for finding b2b leads for their business. The answer? A resounding YES! Frankly, I believe there is no marketing strategy specifically made for only b2c or b2b marketers and customers. With the right preparations and implementation, all strategies can be adapted to deliver what marketers require of them, whether it is business sales leads or consumer leads. Another thing that makes location-based marketing optimal for b2b are the various apps made available to the market. Traditionally, to network with as much business people as you can during conventions and other events, you would have to do a lot of walking and talking. But doing so usually decreases the quality of relationships that you can build. Through these location-based apps, identifying the attendees of such occasions has become so much easier. All you would need to do is log-in, and you would be able to see all the attendees of the event.

Location based marketing can be a great lead generation method for b2b companies. Here’s how your marketing people can use location-based marketing to get those much needed yet highly elusive business sales leads:

  • Attend Trade shows.

What better venue to use location-based b2b marketing than on trade shows? These events, along with conventions and seminars, are ideal because they require business people to converge in one place.

  • Claim your online presence.

Even if you don’t require your business leads to visit your office to make a purchase, it is still advisable to verify that you own the establishment where they could check-in. Doing so will allow you to edit the contact details for that location so that whenever a business lead is nearby, they would be able to find your contact information right away.

  • Leave tips.

With Foursquare, your clients may leave tips for your establishment that can be viewed by others who have checked in. These tips are not only beneficial for b2c, but also for b2b. Anything that allows your clients or b2b leads to write about your company can be classified as reviews and may also be used as valuable content online.

  • Create partnerships.

As a b2b marketer, you’re obviously connected to a lot of businesses in various industries. Why not use these connections to expand your reach? Offer discount coupons for clients who purchase certain service or product packages from you that they can use at one of your other client’s businesses.

If you spend time on it, location-based b2b marketing will prove to be a highly efficient b2b lead generation tool. It’s all about finding ways to make a marketing strategy work for your business, not the other way around.