Underperforming Appointment Setting Team? You Might Be Doing These


Appointment setting is serious work. That is why you need your people to be at their best when they are at it. But the fact exists that some companies may have a hard time doing so. For these firms, their marketing team’s ability to generate qualified sales leads or B2B leads prospects may not be optimal. In cases like these, a little in-depth analysis of things might be in order. Believe or not, poor sales performance can be caused by things as simple as:

  1. Lack of delegation – you cannot do everything on your own, and lead generation is no exception. Sure, you may feel the need to put your hand in everything, but have you considered the possibility that you are actually stifling your people. Learn to hand down most tasks to your marketing team, and they are more compelled to perform in their top form.
  2. Not planning to succeed – It may be nice to have the occasional ‘brilliant’ moment, but the reality of business is that you need to prep your firm for success. Nothing beats a carefully planned and evaluated marketing campaign when it comes to reaching your B2B leads goals.
  3. No accountability – Your promotions or telemarketing team can be accountable to you, but you should also be accountable to someone else, like having a mentor, advisor, or even an industry buddy, who will help you stay focused, and pull you back from self-destructive old habits.

Sometimes, poor lead generation performance stems from poor management. You, as a business owner or entrepreneur, should keep that in mind.