Top Trends in Technology Selling for 2021


As the crazy year of 2020 is soon coming to a close, more and more businesses are also starting to make their predictions for what 2021 has in store especially in the coming tech trends. 

One thing that’s for sure is that today’s most important tech trends will play a massive part in helping us cope as well as adapt to the challenges ahead of us. From the shift to remote working to new rules about how we meet and interact in public places, tech trends will be the driving force in managing that change. 

So, here’s an overview of the top tech trends that will do their part in moving forwards with our businesses while some of these will make it easier for us to understand and navigate through a “new normal” system. 

AI Engineering

A powerful AI engineering strategy will facilitate the performance, scalability, interpretability, and reliability of AI models while delivering the full value of AI investments. AI projects often face issues with maintainability, scalability, and governance, which presents a challenge for most organizations. 

Ai engineering offers a pathway in order to make AI part of the mainstream DevOps process rather than a set of specialized and isolated projects. It brings together various disciplines to tame the AI hype all while providing a clearer path to value when operationalizing the combination of multiple AI techniques. 

5G Connectivity

Faster and more reliable internet doesn’t just mean we can load web pages more quickly and spend less time waiting for videos to launch on Youtube. Each successive advance in mobile connectivity from 3G onwards has unlocked new use cases for the internet. 3G made web browsing and data-driven services useful on mobile devices, 4G led to the growth of streaming video and music platforms as bandwidths increased, and 5G, likewise, will open more doors in terms of what is possible.

In short, 5G and other advanced, high-speed networks make all of the other trends we discuss here available anywhere, any time. Complex machine learning applications relying on real-time access to Big Data sources can be conducted in the field, via automation. 

Hyper Automation

Hyper automation is the idea that anything that can be automated in an organization should be automated. It is driven by organizations that have legacy business processes that are not streamlined, creating immensely expensive and extensive issues for organizations. 

Many organizations are supported by a “patchwork” of technologies that are not lean, optimized, connected,  clean, or explicit. At the same time, the acceleration of digital business requires efficiency and speed. 

Cybersecurity Mesh

Cybersecurity mesh is a distributed architectural approach to scalable, flexible, and reliable cybersecurity control. Many assets now exist outside of the traditional security perimeter. Cybersecurity mesh essentially allows for the security perimeter to be defined around the identity of a person or thing. It enables a more modular, responsive security approach by centralizing policy orchestration and distributing policy enforcement. As perimeter protection becomes less meaningful, the security approach of a “walled city” must evolve to current needs.

The As-a-Service Revolution

As-a-service” – the provision of services that we need to live and work through cloud-based, on-demand platforms – is the key that has put the other tech trends we talk about today in reach of anybody. It’s the reason why AI and robotics are a possibility for just about any business or organization, regardless of their size or budget. Thanks to cloud offerings from companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and an ever-growing horde of startups and spinoffs, innovators in all fields can deploy cutting-edge tech with little upfront investment in tools, equipment, or specialized people.

Tangible and Practical Solutions

Most companies would try to convince their customers and prospects that they have a problem and then use that as leverage in order to sell them their “cure” for it. On one hand, that is absolutely great if you have a solution for a widespread problem in the industry. However, it’s even more important to recognize that if you don’t, then it’s best not to try to sell people something that you don’t have.

The most effective thing to do here is to be excellent in what you do, find the right people who have pain points in that area, and sell it to them instead of trying to broadcast it to just everyone. Nowadays, there is a myriad of data available without having to pay Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn. So, try to find the right customers and only sell to them and finally just let it grow. 


In more ways than one, COVID-19 will become a catalyst for changes that were already on the cards anyway, thanks to our increasingly online and digital lives. Things will just happen more quickly now, with necessity as the driving force. It’s important that we all brace ourselves for the changes coming and keep our eyes peeled for all the new trends that are still yet to pop up.

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