Top 5 Sales and Marketing Podcasts for Technology Sellers


The massive rise in the popularity of podcasts is undeniable. According to Podcast Insights, 44% of the U.S. population alone has listened to at least one podcast as well as hop onto the bandwagon and start a podcast themselves.

Why is there so much love for podcasts? The easiest answer is that it is a treasure chest of choices and convenience. It has given listeners easy access to engaging with every topic imaginable whether it’s sports, storytimes, business, and even politics. 

With its way up to fame, the sales world is no exception when it comes to utilizing this tool. There are a dozen podcasts available, so sales professionals are definitely not facing a shortage when it comes to insights and tips. The only challenge here lies in finding the right one that meets your industry’s specific needs. 

It’s not easy finding the right podcast, especially if you’re in the tech industry. So, here is a compilation of the top sales and marketing podcasts we have found so you don’t miss out on fantastic insights, tips, and strategies that you may incorporate into your lead generation and nurturing strategies.

Stack & Flow

This podcast is hosted by Sean Zinsmeister and John J. Wall, and describes itself as “the sales and marketing technology cast”. The podcast covers news, events, and interviews with key figures that relate to the sales and marketing technology stack of tomorrow”.

The two hosts bring top knowledge and experience to their show. Zinsmeister serves as Head of Product Marketing at Toughspot and is a seasoned sales and marketing technologist. Co-host Wall is the VP of marketing at EventHero and co-host of the Marketing Over Coffee podcast.

With great minds like these, each episode of Stack & Flow explores present and future marketing technology as well as share valuable glimpses into cutting-edge programs, techniques, and much more.

MarTech Podcast

This podcast champions the power of marketing and technology working together in order to help businesses grow. They welcome various industry veterans, innovators, and experts for in-depth discussions to offer inside hints and tips. 

Benjamin Shapiro, benjshap LLC’s founder, is the host and producer of the podcast. As a consultant in brand development and marketing strategy, Shapiro is ideally placed to help B2B technology marketers discover new ways of working and leveraging the latest tools to maximize market impact.

Tech Qualified

Tech Qualified, Motion’s own podcast, is dedicated entirely to helping B2B technology marketers succeed. It’s one of the youngest podcasts on this list but covers a range of diverse topics specifically designed to help marketers in the technology space. 

The podcast presents conversations on best practices, illuminating case studies, and the brand-new technologies empowering brands today. Episodes guests include content marketing managers, chief technology officers, and other experts with a myriad of revelations to share. 

If you’re a B2B technology marketing professional or just interested in this exciting field, then Tech Qualified is worth listening to.

Six Pixels of Separation

Six Pixels of Separation is far more than just a witty name that will surely catch your attention. This podcast shares tips and news on the connections between technology, businesses, and customers.
This podcast is hosted by its founder, Mitch Joel. Their guests include professionals from across the globe of marketing, sales, and including experts in data analytics, collaboration, technology innovations, etc.

They are one of the longest-running marketing podcasts on this list, with almost 700 episodes under its best, you are sure to always get something new with each episode you dive into.

Masters of Scale

Hosted by Reid Hoffman, Masters of Scale is the co-founder of LinkedIn. He has first-hand experience with starting and running a huge global business, which helps him fill each episode with practical tips.

Hoffman talks with entrepreneurs about how they transformed small enterprises into larger companies, touching on the methodologies, tools, and technologies that helped them achieve their goals. Some of his previous guests include Mark Zuckerberg, Brian Chesky, and many more.

Technology is key to scaling any business, and this podcast is a great resource for any B2B technology marketer looking for help in their own growth strategy.

Wrap Up

These top podcasts offer B2B Technology marketers and salespeople a great pool of episodes to try that has a range of formats, approaches, and perspectives. 

By listening to these podcasts regularly, it will help you stay connected to the latest booming industry trends, and opening your eyes to new powerful marketing and sales technologies.

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