Top Reasons Why IT Companies Invest in Outsourced Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Top Reasons Why IT Companies Invest in Outsourced Marketing

IT, as well as the other industries now see outsourcing as a business strategy and not merely an option as it used to be.

In fact, it occupies an integral part of a business marketing growth plan and is considered as a calculable contributor to business success. Below are the reasons why IT companies invest in outsourced marketing.

Top Reasons Why IT Companies Invest in Outsourced Marketing

Cost Efficient

Outsourced marketing offers more competitive price edge.

New Incite comparative analysis report showed that outsource marketing can work on retainer, hourly, or project-based basis, which saves the business half the cost.

Skills & Experience

Outsourced marketers have the skills set and vast experience acquired from managing different campaign types over the years that in-house staff may not have.

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Staffing Flexibility

Decreases hiring and retaining internal sales and marketing staff cost impact.

Focus on Core Competencies

Having an outsourced team to take care of other tasks will spare a bigger room to focus on core competencies.

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Systems Optimization

Outsourced providers give access to top-notch marketing processes and at the same time lets your business benefit and achieve targets via proven effective technology. Thus, saves you from unnecessary purchase of systems you may not constantly use.      

A Business Strategy

Outsourcing is not only an optional service to manage task overflow but a professional strategy that requires functions and reliability from providers servicing your business.

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The Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey 2016 showed that out of the 280 executives surveyed, 35% said they are focused on measuring the value of innovation in their outsourcing relationships, 45% claimed outsourcing is solving capacity issues, 29% creating global scalability and 28% provides access to intellectual capital.

The numbers simply show that Outsourcing has become a center for success and innovation not just for the IT industry but for other thriving industries alike.

Would you want to be counted in those numbers in the 2017 survey?

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