What’s In The Box? The Top Apps and Services We’re Most Thankful For

What's In The Box? The Top Apps and Services We're Most Thankful For

Marketing twenty or even just ten years ago looked very different from how we know it and operate nowadays. It used to be more tedious and laborious. Though still quite challenging now, it has definitely come a long way. The same goes, especially for technology. At this point, it’s very much impossible to imagine doing marketing, sales, and lead generation without the help of technology.

We here at Callbox are no exception. Technology is our best friend and we always make it a point to stay up to date with the latest software tools and updates to keep our operations running smoothly.

Since it’s Thanksgiving, we want to pull out some apps and technologies out of the box that we have actively used and why they are what we’re most thankful for.

Mitos | Services

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With a bubbly personality and a drive for excellence, Mitos has been with Callbox for more than ten years now. She handles our accounts for B2B APAC and B2C North American clients and has maintained good relationships with key business executives and stakeholders with her outstanding work. Moreover, Mitos also liaises with cross-internal teams to ensure top performances to improve the entire customer experience.

Since I am always in and out of meetings communicating with our clients on a regular basis, it’s important that video conference calls are top quality and uninterrupted. Zoom has been a great tool for this. I’ve been particularly enjoying using Zoom because it makes managing and creating meetings much easier. It lets me integrate my calendar so I never let any important meetings slip past me. Most of my business contacts predominantly use Zoom too which makes the app all the more convenient to use.

Being in a lot of meetings in one day can zap the energy out of you. In times like this, I pull out my Foodpanda app to order in some food especially on days when I can’t wiggle in enough time to head out for some food before heading into the next meeting.

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Nick | Marketing

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Nick is in charge of managing our Business Development sector, but that’s not all. Although he makes sure that everything in the development department is on the right track, he is also passionate about design, seeing to it that we also produce content that is up to par with the quality of our services.

When working on my designs, my usual go-to tools are the ones from the Adobe Creative Suite. However, there are times when I have to churn out something at a more tight timeframe like something for a social media post, Canva which is a free access website with hundreds of templates to choose from that also allows you to edit them to fit your specific need, has been a lifesaving app!

I believe that design, like music, is the best way to communicate; that it’s possible to solve problems through good design.

To make sure I stay productive and keep track of my progress whether it’s for work or personal projects, I like to utilize a project managing tool called Trello. It’s easy to use as well as its interface is also easy on the eyes.

Finally, of course, I can’t forget to add firing up my Spotify playlist to accompany me through my tasks. It keeps me hyped, inspired, and most importantly, it keeps me sane through a crazy workday!

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Bernadette | Sales

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Being part of the sales team is quite challenging, and if you are part of one, then you know this all too well. Bernadette is one of our trusted salespeople at Callbox. She had her fair share of challenges in talking with clients to which he/she has refined his/her sales strategy over time. 

There are a number of duties a salesperson has to fulfill, but the biggest bulk of it is communicating with our clients via audio and/or video calls. Just like my fellow sales-peers, I like using Zoom to converse with our clients because it’s easy and comfortable to use. The prospect and I can hear each other clearly without any fuzzy connection.

Whenever I have to travel to meet clients/prospects, it can get pretty tiring and stressful if I have to jump from one place to another especially on tight schedules. Using Grab / Uber / Lyft has made traveling easier and more relaxing for me.

The most important app that I have been using, however, has been my Banking App to help me manage and track all bills and payments that have to be settled either by me for my personal budgeting or for work. It has helped me a lot to stay on top of everything. 

And lastly, I always have my trusty Messenger App on hand to keep in touch with our prospects but also with colleagues and friends so we can keep each other posted on possible sales we’ll raid next time. 

There are many things to be thankful for during this season of gratitude. Our professional lives are just as big of a part of who we are as our personal lives, so it’s good – healthy, even – to take a step back and count your blessings this Holiday. What apps have you been using this past year that has helped you out a lot and you are thankful for? Feel free to share them with us!

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