5 B2B Practical Tips to Keep Your Sales Intact


When you look at the current situation, it is very evident that things will not return to normal any day soon. Instead, there is an impending possibility of a recession if this will grow much longer. Because of that, customer confidence continues to dip lower affecting the economy further.

Despite this, however, fear should never be the driving factor of your business. Instead, you need to adapt and think even more broadly about how to keep your team and your business afloat. More so, the present technological advances and in-demand business services, such as lead generation, have given businesses different options and opportunities to market their business and nurture new relationships even during crises. 

Here are some practical tips on how you can do it:

Go all out with your digital channels

COVID-19 has put a halt to everything including major events and activities of big companies. However, that does not mean that these companies stopped all their activities altogether. They merely switched channels — focusing more online than offline — and you should do the same. 

So before your customers and prospects start canceling their appointments, be quick to provide a digital alternative for them by using Skype or Zoom. Don’t wait for them to do it. You should be calling them by now and asking them whether they want a Skype/Zoom meeting or a phone call. 

Aside from the above-mentioned messaging tools, you can also offer your clients and prospects to chat on other platforms like Viber, Slack, Telegram, or WhatsApp. If they prefer another, make sure that you are ready to implement it to allow quick and easy access all the time.

Invest in new and relevant content regularly

As most of us are holed up in our homes, everyone definitely spends more time online than ever before – and that includes your customers and prospects. Thus, make sure that you always have new content that is relevant to what your audience is experiencing now. Capture their imagination and let them love your brand even more by using informative storytelling.

Create tactful and thoughtful outreach

As you strategize on your outreach and campaigns, stay away from industries – tourism, hospitality, health, etc. — that have been greatly affected. It’s not because you cannot get anything from them but going after them at this point is an insensitive move, one that could greatly destroy not only your brand but also your company. 

To avoid this, conduct thorough research about the company you want to score a meeting with first. You don’t want to commit the mistake of reaching out to a company that has taken a great hit. 

Aside from this, your message must not focus too much on scoring a deal but more on providing a solution to their predicament. 

  • How can you add more value to their business at this point?
  • How can your business solve their pain points? 

If you are able to provide an authentic solution to how your business can support these affected companies, reaching out to them with a thoughtful and relevant message is greatly appreciated.

Focus on customer retention

Lead generation is still on but we are fully aware that due to the recent turn of events, companies have become less confident and extra careful about investments. So instead of focusing on getting more customers, find different ways to retain your existing customers by taking care of their needs first.

You can start by sending a “how are you” email or offering small things like a free webinar or consultation. You can also suggest collaborating on a certain project. Whatever type of help you extend now, will create a deep impact on your customers and will further strengthen your brand.

Make sure that you are always under the radar

Now is not the time to get off the grid. Now, of all times, is the right time to always stay visible. If your customers cannot find you easily during this time, that could translate as insensitivity and non-empathy on your part. More so, if your prospects have a hard time finding you online, they won’t most likely remember you when things get better. 

The consequence of staying offline at this point can be very costly. How, do you think, would they react when they suddenly received an email from you when you are considered non-existent in the first place? 

So make sure that you are on top of your game in all online channels and digital platforms so you won’t have a hard time connecting with other businesses when things get to normal.

The Takeaway

Nothing is permanent – not even this pandemic. 

The world might be experiencing quite a shock right now but it will soon pass as history had shown in the past. So while we’re all waiting for it to pass, stay focused on:

  • Building connections
  • Exchanging insights with your peers and your clients
  • Helping your customers to keep them afloat 

Such relationships will not only help you survive but will keep your sales intact even in the most trying times.

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