5 Pieces of Advice for Live Chat That you Can Never Live Without

5 Live Chat Advices you Can Never Live Without

Since customer satisfaction is everything when it comes to growing your conversion rates, you might as well focus on the very tools that make this possible.

And what better tool to get yourself closer to your audience than  Live Chat. In this day and age where the word “instant” is plastered everywhere, prospects want answers as fast as they can type a query. By responding in real-time through Live Chat, you will not only spike your site conversion rates, you will also secure guaranteed sales.

That is, if you could execute Live Chat properly. Understand that it also functions as a lead generation and appointment setting booster, and that means seeing Live Chat as an actual part of marketing and not just of customer support. That’s why we included it in our multi-channel marketing.

For this, you might want to apply these important tidbits for Live Chat mastery.

Master the use of canned messages

We all know that too much automation can be counterproductive in marketing. But what if we just use a bit of it through canned messages? By creating a list of messages to send out allows you to make instant responses. It saves you precious time and, more importantly, shows prospects that you are up and ready to take a question. Think about the good impression that makes! Here’s how to make a good impression on the initial call with a senior executive.

Instead of typing solutions as you go, you might want to anticipate possible questions and issues that prospects might bring up. From there, you can create content such as e-books, infographics, videos, and links to other media to provide the kind of information they need. You can let these materials do all the talking for you. Besides, too much typing is actually bad for you.

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 Set when you are available to chat

If you are operating a 24/7 Live Chat, then expect to go round the clock responding to queries. Especially if your enterprise is not limited to a single geographic region, it is essential to go 24/7. Otherwise, you must tell your site visitors the available hours for Live Chat. Either way, you need to have a corps of agents who will man the frontlines.

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Make your conversations human

The human factor is still your best bet to get prospects wanting you more and more. In this sense, drift away from the technical jargon and try a more conversational tone. And as much as possible, mention the prospect’s name.

Follow-up questions

Sometimes, a prospect would like your help trying to figure out a certain issue or problem. It wouldn’t be too much of a hassle for you if you already have a list of follow-up questions to keep the conversation going and to get right into the heart of an issue. 

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Want more tips to increase customer satisfaction and to strengthen your lead generation and appointment setting? You might want to read more from our blog.

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