Three Ways to Promote your B2B Business Offline

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Nowadays, a great deal of B2B, as well as B2C companies, are putting greater emphasis on social media as a means to acquire quality leads and open up better business opportunities. With that said, it has become crucial for these businesses to adopt a variety of platforms.

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Still, it’s not always that B2B businesses should rely on social media. After all, social media is only part of the bigger things that companies can do to generate leads. While online marketing has become the norm for many of them, it remains crucial for companies to make use of offline strategies owing to the fact that they can still provide a great deal of success.

Despite the fact that digital advertising is dominating the B2B industry at this time, nothing indeed shows a decline in spending for television and other offline means to get the word out about their products and services. For EConsultancy, at least 40 percent of online customers purchased products after interacting with an offline message. This goes on to show that traditional media isn’t dying just yet since companies can still seek opportunities elsewhere other than social media.

Can’t seem to know where to start? Here are the three ways for promoting your business outside the web.

#1 Direct mail

Sure, you can always depend on email to fill your prospects in on your latest offers. But direct mail – or in other words, snail mail – still enjoys a certain level of appeal among business owners. As a marketer, you can always buy lists of prospects you want to engage and get their addresses so you can mail them updates, inform them of new offers and discounts, and provide them with coupons and other freebies that will get them to listen to you.

#2 Corporate Events

Aside from podcasts and webinars, B2B marketers can also leverage events for seeking customers. From conferences to trade shows to product unveilings, these events offer B2B companies an avenue where they can flex their muscles and impress attendees without the use of any social media device whatsoever. Aside from that, the experience of joining these events will allow companies to better understand complex business processes and make improvements to their own brands.

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#3 Cold calling

A channel as old as time (well, not really that old but you get the drift), cold-calling is still pretty much a more effective way to seek out leads and nurture prospects. In fact, a lot of B2B companies say that telemarketing is still an important part of their marketing and thus gets allocated a bigger portion of a business’ core operating budget. If you want to handle your prospects with care, then you’ll need to pick up the phone and start dialing some numbers from your marketing list.

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