The Three Important Components Of Any Email Marketing Campaign

The Three Important Components Of Any Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing remains to be an important facet in the life of a business.

Presently, around 73% of B2B marketers rely on emails for transacting deals and exploring aailable solutions for a variety of problems (Salesforce, 2015). For this reason alone, delivering messages straight to your target clients’ can help initiate high-value engagements that are likely to result in purchases.

In fact, Convince and Convert noted in a 2013 study that “44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.”   This is supported by an Imagine Pub post that reveals eight to ten recipients of B2B messages would buy something. You couldn’t possibly take these stats like they mean nothing to revenue when they actually establish the difference between business failure and success. The most important thing it seems at the moment: Refuse email marketing, you refuse revenue.

You can always conduct a good old-fashioned email blast to spread word about your company and what it is offering, but having a prospect make that crucial click depends entirely on whether your messages are appropriately constructed.

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To ensure a more successful email campaign requires a thorough understanding of the three most important parts of an email that can significantly increase open rates:

Introducing the no-risk offer

This is your product, service, or a simple taste of what your business could do for your future customers. With the explicit announcement that this comes at absolutely no cost to your prospects, there is nothing that would hold them back from giving your offer a try.

An obvious call-to-action

Now that you’ve made it clear that your email is absolutely free, along with the product or service that comes with it, tell your prospects what to do next by giving them a call-to-action that is more obvious and conspicuous than the no-risk offer.

Final encouragement to respond

Most prospects like to read through the whole email to make sure there is no catch anywhere, especially if they found your offer particularly tempting. So to end your email properly, remind your prospect again about what a great offer this is and encourage them to sign up now, if they haven’t already.

It’s not so hard creating emails with all the right elements in place. But you can always improve your chances of acquiring quality B2B leads by allowing a professional b2b lead generation company to hold the reins of your campaign. Especially if it has an impressive portfolio of successful campaigns and satisfied clients, such a company can achieve a certain amount of notice that your brand deserves.

 Employ email marketing and other lead generation channels in your campaign today!