The Stages of Content Marketing Maturity: How Young is your Strategy?


One grave mistake marketers make in engaging themselves into content marketing is that they try to do everything all at once. While there’s definitely nothing wrong with keeping high hopes early on in the game, it also pays to understand the phases that make up the evolution of content as a lead generation tool.

The Altimeter Group, a business research and advisory company, believes that there are 5 stages of content marketing maturity that each campaign has to go through to meet its maximum potential:


This is when you first venture into content marketing but only to “test the waters”. Marketers would put up a blog but would not post as frequent as regular bloggers; hence “standing” is without movement or progress. This is basically a means to get a feel of how it is to maintain a site with one’s business and authorship credentials.


In this stage, a marketer would already consider employing a strategy towards producing and distributing content. This is the right time to ponder on what the campaign’s goals and objectives would be. Specific personnel may be tasked to carry out responsibilities wherein the first few steps moving forward would revolve around one or two initial platforms.


According to Altimeter, this is the stage at which a team “begins to take shape, strategy is more fully refined and tweaked, and the team begins to establish governance to scale and shape content processes.” In essence, the content creation and distribution processes become broader and more solid, touching a variety of avenues and channels.


This is where everything becomes serious. At this point, the type and culture of content being produced is already being noticed. Bloggers can now move from traditional and predictable content to something that’s experimental and more engaging. Business relationships will start to flourish and long term goals and ambitions begin to take shape. Expanding to broader horizons becomes the next big priority.


Altimeter characterizes this as the stage of “monetizable content”. This is the ultimate phase of the maturity model, which, according to them, only a few companies have achieved. “In this phase, a successful, real-time integration of content marketing and curation is part of the fabric of nearly all aspects of branding,” the study further says.

The Altimeter Group’s full whitepaper on this model is available on this Slideshare