The Modern Sales and Marketing Professional: 4 Must-Dos


Are you still living in the 20th century when it comes to communicating to potential customers?

There has been a shift in the way sales and marketing professionals deal with their prospects, mainly in satisfying their informational and emotional needs. This is partly because business reps want to be unique in how they present themselves, but also this is because the needs of the audience have also changed.

In light of this shift, it’s important to know how the business side would adjust to the new trend. Modernizing your approach to your target market ensures stability in the years to come.

In a recent study featured in this post at Eloqua, the things that should be done in order for sales and marketing representatives to stand out from the rest are being summarized as follows:

1. Offer unique, valuable perspectives on the market. What customers really care about is information and insight about their business, not what the supplier is peddling. In other words: will the customer appreciate the sales call itself, even if they do not buy?

2. Help navigate alternatives. As modern marketers, we should be out in the field with our sales professionals, hearing the language of the customer, understanding the buyer’s journey so we can take that back and create materials that will support our sales teams in their quest to provide unique insight. That way, when a buyer begins their journey, both Marketing and Sales are on the same page when it comes to providing value and a unique experience to the buyer.

3. Help avoid potential land mines. Marketing’s job to provide customers with unique insight. WRONG. Who knows the customer better than YOU, Sales? Who interacts with the customer every day, learning about their industry, their organizational structure, their personal goals, the pitfalls of their purchasing/legal teams? Who can makes those connections between what other customers have done to achieve success and the customer you are trying to woo?

4. Educate the customer on new issues and outcomes. As sales professionals, we are the subject matter experts on our accounts. We know what has worked well for customers just like them and how our solutions can help them grow their business. We have the power to challenge our customer’s way of thinking, because we’ve seen it all before with our other customers. It’s our job to feed that information back into Marketing so they can craft the messaging and materials to support that insight.

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