The Lifecycle of an Effective Telemarketing Call

The Lifecycle of an Effective Telemarketing Call

Telemarketing is still the most effective channel for lead generation and appointment setting. But as much as we want to deny it, picking up the phone and attracting a potential client into purchasing a product or service requires a great deal of skill. More importantly, a cold call that ends up in a potential sale involves a process, and marketers should know better than to play down this process.

Calling a prospect on the phone is not entirely dependent on the talking points you listed down in a call script. It goes beyond that. It involves nurturing the interaction from the moment the prospect speaks for the first time, up to the time when he or she wants to talk with you again with a hint of interest.

To get to that point though, a seasoned telemarketer knows well enough to bring a call to its logical end. Following the best telemarketing practices can assure your calls will bring the right results and secure the sales numbers you expect.

For that to happen, take these steps into account and supply your lead generation and appointment setting with a steady stream of potential clients.

Phase 1: The Introduction

First impressions matter, and they matter a lot when it comes to cold calling. The moment you first engage with a prospect is critical. In fact, it is that part of telemarketing that determines how well you can communicate your product to your audience. Realize that a long-term partnership is on the table, and you should be able to pick your words carefully. In this case, be calm and relaxed. Don’t come off too strong. Introduce yourself and the organization you are representing. After that, talk about what the organization stands for and the reason why you are calling him or her. Don’ t do monologues. By stating these essentials, you can proceed to the next phase.

If you really want to close a deal successfully with a senior executive, you have to assert yourself in a positivelight. You need to be able to leave a lasting impression on the executive, which could spell the outcome of the call.  – Judy Caroll on Making a Good Impression on the Initial Call with a Senior Executive

Phase 2: Establish a topic

If prospect decides to hear you out after the introductory phase, that’s a good sign. He or she is giving you an opportunity to prove that his or her time isn’t wasted. You can then set your sight on an issue that has hounded the prospect. Asking about a certain issue is enough here. After you have established your main question, wait for the prospect to reply and listen intently to keywords.

Once you have established the main issue, you can set up a discussion about your product or service. Prepare to answer queries, but take care to keep the conversation in the path to a close. Keep the conversation going with follow up questions until your prospect is warm enough for the next phase.

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Phase 3: Setting the appointment

The moment your prospect hints about his or her interest in your product or service, you can then proceed with setting the appointment. You can first appreciate the prospect’s time for the call. After that, you can then set up an appointment with a sales person. Ask about the time and date he or she is available. When all is well and over with, you can take a big sigh of relief and go on to make another call. 

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There’s nothing more to it in telemarketing. But often, you will need the right individuals to lead the e charge in setting up sales appointments. You can start by leveling up your lead generation and appointment setting through a marketing company which has the right tools and expertise to provide the right results.

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