5 Ways To Simplify The Customer Buying Process

Featured - 5 Ways To Simplify The B2B Costumer Buying Process

The rapid development of the digital segment, increased consumer mobility, and an increasingly demanding attitude toward brands require companies to be more attentive to their customers and predict their wishes. Nonetheless, even if you are successful in attracting a potential client, this does not mean that you have complete control over him. There are many reasons due to which the purchase stage frequently leads to nothing rather than buying anything.

Nowadays, the markets for goods and services are characterized by intense competition. That is why it is important to employ the best sales practices and use the writing services of professionals from the top writers list. While watching your success, your competitors may wonder, “Why do people buy your product?” What makes it so unique?”

And that is a great question. It is critical to understand what your customers value you for. It is, however, even more critical to understand at what stage and why your services or goods are NOT purchased.

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How Do You Simplify the Buying Process?

To make a profit and remain in demand, it is critical to provide properly generated written content (you can get the one by visiting Topwritingreviews) and understand the factors that cause potential buyers to abandon you at the last minute.

Let’s look at the issue through the lens of a specific client – the cosmetics company. For several months, they experienced very low conversion, which means that despite a large number of visits to the site, they received a very small percentage of sales.

Furthermore, the amount of time buyers spent on the site also decreased. The client had a question: Why people do not buy my products? What keeps them from making a purchase, and why do they leave the site without buying anything?

To answer these questions, it is important to understand the customer buying process, i.e., his path to purchase, from the initial thought that it would be nice to try your product to the point of buying it.

Learn how to make your potential buyer purchase your product or service.

Let’s consider ways to make it easier for customers to purchase.

1. Interviews


Each specialist conducts a study before “prescribing treatment.” Business is no different. To identify ways to make a purchase easier, conduct a series of in-depth interviews with costumers:

  • Study the process of choosing and buying X product;
  • When and how there is a need to change X product and buy a new one;
  • How exactly the customer chooses products;
  • Where he looks for information;
  • Who he consults;
  • Where and how he makes a purchase;
  • What concerns does he have about products on the market?

Only by answering those questions, one can gain a clear understanding of the roadblocks that stand in the way of the customer progressing to the next stage of the sales funnel.

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2. Deep Analysis

For clarity, one should conduct research to assess all stages of the sales funnel: the emergence of a need, interest (comparative analysis), research, and purchase. It is critical to understand the costumer’s thoughts at each stage and determine potential barriers to purchase.

The Emergence of a Need

Costumer goal: Improve organizational processes and workflows.

Possible blocks on the way:

  • I know nothing about this brand and product content;
  • When should one apply this product to benefit from it?
  • Perhaps one should apply the product after X? What products can be used for that?

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Comparative Analysis of the Costumer’s Interest

Consumer goal: Determine which products to choose and what composition/component is required for a specific purpose.

Possible blocks on the way:

  • How do I choose exactly what I need from the vast array of X products?
  • Do they have the potential to cause side-effects?
  • How do I know if the product has the elements I require?
  • How should you choose the right X product?
  • Is there a better place to buy?

Conducting Research

Costumer goal: Make the best price-quality decision.

Possible blocks on the way:

  • What X products should I choose so that the composition and cost are both acceptable to me?


Costumer goal: Purchase the appropriate X product at an affordable price.

Possible blocks on the way:

  • Does a necessary product exist?
  • How much is it going to cost?

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3. Overcome Barriers

Overcome barriers

As you can see, costumers frequently have a slew of questions that can act as roadblocks for you as a seller. Each unanswered question represents a chance for the costumer to exit the purchase funnel.

So, how can you be an effective sales rep? Here’s a tip.

As a result, in the third stage, tools for dealing with doubts should be developed. For example, for our client, the following concepts were developed and implemented.

Barrier: (Customer) I know nothing about X products and their components.

Instrument to overcome: The client posted several articles about X product on its website, describing how and to whom they can be useful. He also uploaded a video in which an industry expert describes in detail what happens to Y and what can be done about it using a specific product.

4. Flawless Purchase

Payment for goods and services is almost the final, but most important, stage in the purchasing process. Even if you have gotten your customer to this point, do not get too pleased because the costumer is still at risk.

You may still lose him if you do not provide a clear and easy-to-use payment method. Make the purchasing process as simple as possible. Amazon, for example, allows customers to buy with a single click!

Winning Shopping Spree GIF by Amazon - Find & Share on GIPHY

To persuade a potential customer to buy your products, you should instill a sense of urgency – one of the most common marketing tools. Attracted the customer’s attention by indicating that “only a few items remain on the shelf,” “the discount expires in four hours,” etc.

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5. Getting Feedback

You probably thought you could relax at this point, but you were wrong. It is now critical that you solicit feedback from your customers. “Why?” you inquire.

The truth is that in today’s world, everything is determined by feedback. Even if your website is chock-full of content, tips, and videos, the first thing customers notice is feedback. Furthermore, about 90% of people can make a purchase decision solely based on information obtained from it.


It is critical to identify barriers and accompany your customer until they make a purchase. When you understand your consumer’s difficulties, ideas for dealing with them and, as a result, simplifying the path to purchase for a potential buyer.

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