Silver Web: Redesigning the Business Landscape

Silver Web Redesigning the Business Landscape_DONE

It is not beyond our awareness how the web has created massive breakthroughs to alter our lives. It has sustained diverse schemes which soon fueled more innovation.

Twenty-five years ago, Tim Bernes-Lee has realized the potential of linking millions of computers to what we call now as the internet. The Web was initially designed to automate information-sharing between scientists and researchers from different institutes around the world. Today, the Web is constantly evolving to tackle new ways of data gathering, interacting with other people, marketing products, and more. As a result, innovations and new technologies are constantly introduced. One end-product of the Web’s sustainable development is the redesigned business landscape.

The Web allowed businesses across different fields to systematize manual operations to adhere its processes with streamline functions. It created new communication mechanisms and modern business designs that help companies sustain their lead generation programs.

Traditional Businesses

In the physical domain, there are businesses that are unable to directly sell their products to consumers or other businesses, such as in the case of B2B firms. These companies, the manufacturing and intermediate goods producers, need middlemen that will inject their products to the market. Using the web, these companies can now attend to this concern. They can increase the product awareness of the potential buyers thru websites or any electronic order systems.


One great impact of the web is the establishment of E-business. E-business constitutes to the application of information technology knowledge in supporting the integral function of business. It has varied features:

  • Choice freedom – E-businessmen can offers a diverse options to their customers because the web has unlimited information of products of different brands. This will allow the consumers to find what they exactly need.
  • Save time and effort – Through online shops the customers transact in a hassle-free shopping system, that is, open 24/7 with no geographical boundaries.
  • Price comparison – Most online shops enables their consumers to perform price comparison for a more rational buying decision.
  • Inclusive lead generation – whenever a customer enters the online shop, the site can track the activities of the potential customer within the site. Cookie technology is used to learn what the customer is interested in buying so that next time he visits; the shop can automatically give him offerings based on his history data.

Corporate Benefits

The internet allowed companies to have a better method of lowering their spending and savings capital in their operations. Companies use an array of business software to track its production expenditures and revenues. The real-time generated data can be used to assess future decisions to further stimulate efficiency. Nevertheless, this can be used as a tool in lead generation, through an augmented supply chain that involves significant data about distributors, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Twenty five years had passed and it’s just starting. The Web pushed a new age of marketing strategies that had sparked new opportunities and competitive edge. From workforce recruitment, lead generation, data gathering, and cost management; the Web hugely altered how businesses used to be.