Sell Business Solutions To Your Leads Just Like Steve Jobs


Do you ever wonder why there are salespeople who are really good at selling and then there are those who are essentially grasping at straws just to reach their sales quotas? Being a great salesman is not just about being able to relate and converse well with your business leads, it also entails giving them what they need. Setting business appointments with your leads is a difficult job, so you might as make sure that every chance you get to sell your products or services is worth it.

Let’s take a look at this example: For the launch of Apple’s iPod, Steve Jobs presented the audience with a slide that shows a comparative table about the music storage devices currently available that time and their respective prices. In the presentation, Jobs spent considerable time explaining the pricing differences with CDs, flash drives, MP3 CDs and a hard drive. It should be noted that the slide never stated the name of Apple or its new product. After a very persuasive demonstration of how the hard drive trumps other storage devices in terms of pricing and number of songs it can carry, Jobs held up the iPod for all to see. Being the only device of its time to have a hard drive, the iPod easily provided the best solution for the audience. What happened after that is portable music history.

In a similar way to how Steve Jobs marketed his iPod, sales people should sell solutions to their business leads instead of praising their company’s creations in front of these important people. Your sales people should understand that these business leads are continuously bombarded by other companies with their own services. They have basically heard all the positive adjectives that a company can attach to their offerings: “amazing”, “innovative”, “technologically-advanced”, “unbelievable”, etc. To your business leads, all these services – no matter what brand name they possess – are the same: they are all ploys to get them to open their wallets. What your company should do instead is to focus on the problems that are present in the organization of your business leads. Tell them HOW your services affect their organization, HOW it solves their problems. Don’t concentrate on WHY they should avail of your service and WHY it’s the best. The “best products” are usually the most expensive, and if you’re dealing with a small or medium-sized company, chances are they’re looking for a relatively cheap solution that actually does the job properly.

If you’ve hired a telemarketing company for your b2b lead generation campaign, remember this tip when writing your telemarketing scripts: “Your products and services do not set you apart from your competitors, rather, it is the way you provide solutions to the problems of your sales leads that attract them to you.”