Sales Enablement: 8 Ways to Help Your Sales Team Sell More


Getting the best and most talented sales professionals into your team is a great accomplishment. However, training them to become more knowledgeable with your products does not guarantee that they will perform well. 


Goals change and there is a constant need to meet them. Thus, empowering your sales team is also continuous. Empowerment also allows you to leverage their assets so they can benefit your business more. 

If you want your sales team to get to their optimal performance, here are a few strategies to empower your team.

Focus on the buyer’s journey

Enabling your team can affect their performance; however, sales is still all about the buyer’s journey. Aside from enablement, teach your team to be aware of each buyer and the journey they are on. Then, you will be able to create sales procedures and training that are in line with the process requirements of the buying experience.

Give your people the right tools

Providing your sales team with the right tools and resources will allow them to produce exponential results. Some helpful tools for salespeople include data sheets of your product, user behavior history, and brand marketing content. After you give them these tools, make sure that they are trained on how to use them.

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Provide continuous training

A survey revealed that 65 percent of sales professionals want their companies to give premium to continuing training. It means that training should take place more than once a year. Ideally, you should conduct training every quarter so that your team is up-to-date with new tools and strategies.

Create and share high-quality content

Your team can use content as an aid to their sales pitch. However, the American Marketing Association says that 90 percent of content goes unused by sales.

The reason is simple – they cannot find it.

Marketing automation platforms make content become readily available to anyone in your organization. You can flexibly organize and recommend content based on performance. More so, they streamline the process by creating a repository of all the content and tools used in the organization.

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Let your team be heard

Enablement becomes even more effective by allowing your people to be heard. This should include not only people from your sales team but also from every department and team in your organization.

Your managers, marketing team, and customer service reps should have regular meetings to discuss improvements because they play a critical role in creating lasting relationships with your customers and prospects. If your sales and marketing teams are aligned, they can deliver a consistent experience that results in better ROI.

Measure results

This is a no-brainer. By measuring sales performance results, you will be able to identify who is performing well. Some of the basic metrics you need to look out for include the number of sales reps meeting the quota, the sales cycle length, and many more.

The results you get will tell you what your next move is — whether or not you need to optimize your strategy or not.

Make sure your team understands your target market

The foundation of an effective and well-performing sales team is a strong understanding of who they are selling to. Such knowledge comes from the necessary data you collect, analyze, and transform into valuable insights for your team. Once done, it will not only drive your team to perform better but also drive growth.

Don’t overwhelm them with administrative tasks

You hired your sales team to drive sales. If you add unnecessary tasks, such as tedious admin work, on their lap, it could become a source of frustration for them.

To avoid this, you need a strong CRM system in place where your sales team can input as much data as needed without wasting time and effort.


Empowering your sales team to sell more comes from a combination of allowing them to exercise their abilities freely and giving them adequate resources to perform their duties well.

Empowerment also comes when your team has high morale and feels secure in your organization.
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