SaaS Sales: How To Effectively Sell Software Subscriptions


Software subscription services or products are now multibillion-dollar businesses. These businesses follow the subscription business model, which focuses on selling a service or product to acquire monthly or yearly subscription earnings. 

Most subscription businesses can enjoy passive revenue from recurring subscriptions once they can keep their clients for a long time. However, offering a great app or service does not guarantee success. 

So, aside from successfully driving software leads into your business, which lead generation services providers can help you with, you must also know how to effectively sell software subscription services or products. That being said, let’s look at some tips on how to become effective in selling software subscription products and services.

Have your product tested by real users

Having your product or service tested by real persons and asking them for feedback is one way of ensuring that what you are selling will be accepted and patronized by customers. 

Use the feedback to improve your product before selling it, and make the necessary improvements. This will guarantee that the first customers that will subscribe to your product or service will be satisfied and that they will share the good news with their acquaintances.

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Offer a free trial

A free trial means allowing the customer to use the service or product for free for a certain period. 

Most companies offer a 30-day trial. Through the free trial, customers will see that your product or service is valuable and that it is not a scam. 

One company that offers desktop solutions stated that almost 50% of those that hit the buy button have been free trial customers. This shows that offering a free trial is one effective way to sell software subscription services or products.

Video marketing of how your product works

A one to two-minute video showing how the product works will help sell it effectively. Include a video of employees using it in the office to give the product or service a human touch. Animation is known to increase customer engagement and sales.

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Present product features and benefits

Customers subscribe to software products and services because they want to make their work easier and faster. Almost all prefer software that is easy to use or has a smooth interface. Others are willing to subscribe to a product or service that brings them lots of benefits. 

Make sure that your description of the features and benefits of your product is simple and easy to read and that potential customers can understand them easily.

Include third-party reviews

The best way to show how good your product is is by soliciting reviews from product users. If you tell stories about how good your product is, prospective buyers might not believe you. However, if a customer relates his good experience when using your product, other prospective customers will believe them. These reviews lend credibility to the product and may attract more prospective buyers to your website.

Offer 24/7 support

When customers encounter problems with the service or product that they buy, their first action is to contact customer support regardless of the time. Ignoring their calls or messages can cause you to lose them. Small businesses that cannot afford to hire round-the-clock support can hire the services of a third-party service provider. Customers want a company that is prompt in providing solutions to their difficulties and problems with regards to the products and services that you sold them.

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Have a money-back guarantee

Offering a money-back guarantee is one way of effectively increasing sales. This means that if the customer is not satisfied with the service or product, he will get a refund for the amount he paid for the item. The ideal length of time for the money-back guarantee is 120 days to give customers to decide whether to get a refund or not. By then, he would have discovered the excellent features of the service or product he subscribed to and will continue using it. 

If you are selling software subscriptions and products, you can scale your business by applying these tips.

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