What Drives Businesses to Depend on IT Managed Services?

What Drives Businesses to Depend on IT Managed Services?

When you see the words “business” and “driving factor” the same sentence, you can almost conclude it has something to do with money. Okay, strike it off. As long as there’s “business”, it always has something to do with money. So when a business decides to turn to IT Managed Services, you can be sure the main driving factor is money. Yes, there are other factors, but it all boils down to money.

Reduced Costs

Businesses want to always be on top of or ahead of the competition when it comes to the implementation and usage of technology. However, cost is always a factor, especially if they are just startups or are only beginning to experience some commercial growth. Managed IT services allows businesses to take advantage of all of the services they would receive if they had a full time IT team, but a much cheaper rate. A managed services provider (MSP) is equipped with all the resources needed to efficiently run a company’s software and infrastructure. The best thing about it is that, rather than having to pay a dedicated IT team regardless of how often they are needed, an MSP allows an organization to only pay for the hours of IT time they actually need. MSPs are often more affordable than keeping an on-premise IT team and don’t require that the employer invest in benefits or training.

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Access to Specialists

Hiring and keeping highly skilled IT staff is a challenge since most of these guys want to maximize their skills and look for jobs that require them to actually strategize and solve problems, not attend to monotonous tasks like software maintenance and so on. So if you’re lucky, what you get with an in-house IT team are people who are knowledgeable about almost everything IT, but aren’t exactly experts at a specific area. An MSP comes complete with a diverse staff of both knowledgeable and specialized employees. For a minimal monthly fee, or at least, at a rate lesser than what the company would pay a whole team, MSPs provide a reasonably priced solution to the complex technology pains of business.


Most organizations would rather focus on revenue enhancing tasks like product development or the creation of cutting-edge tech or apps, and they hire people to do just these. Working with an MSP gives a business the opportunity to be more proactive, letting them focus their IT staff on innovation and other revenue-generating activities. The MSP can handle mundane tasks such as help desk tickets and system monitoring while the IT department focuses on the organization’s long-term development and goals.

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Regardless of the size of the company or the number of its IT staff, it is beneficial to hire a managed service provider. By hiring a MSP, the company’s IT staff and even the decision makers can focus on directing overall strategy towards growing the business. The result is greater efficiency at a fraction of the cost.

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