Answering Quora: How do you promote B2B webinars for an IT solution?

Answering Quora How do you promote B2B webinars for an IT solution

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Just like any other webinars, a B2B webinar for an IT solution requires more than just blasting email invites to target attendees and waiting for registration forms to be submitted. It enlists a lot of things to do before you can make it out successfully.

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  • Choose a Killer Topic.

Food lovers are likely to google new recipes and restaurants, and so is an IT executive or director likely to browse the web for technology breakthroughs first over other topics. Getting attendees for an IT webinar is quite tough that will attract prospects to register and attend your webinar.

Tip: Title/topic should be targeted, and must include a CTA, the product and feature benefit. Take a look at an example title topic below from StarWind.


Answering Quora: How do you promote B2B webinars for an IT solution?

  • Set a Registration Goal

Set your target numbers of registrants and keep performance track on a weekly basis to see whether your marketing efforts are moving forward. This will ease hyping up your promotion due to low numbers.

Note: Registrant numbers differ from total attendee numbers.

  • Set an Attendee Goal

Expect 25% attendees out of your total number of registrants. It would be best to set a registration goal that includes the 25% fraction of attendees.

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  • Choose the right day and time of the week

WhatCounts showed that 10 AM PT/1 PM ET on either Wednesday or Thursday are the best time and days to hold webinars. Avoid Mondays and Fridays as company meetings and catch ups happen during these days.

  • Consider Paid Media

Running a PPC ad on Google for keywords that align with your webinar content may supplement organic efforts – drive more attendees for your webinar. Larry Chase’s Search Engine For Marketers has some tips:

  1. Write Specific Ads for Specific Keywords
  2. Cater Ad Copy to Different Buyer Needs
  3. Ad Copy Should Be Appropriate In “Feel” To The Industry Category
  4. Consider The Buy Cycle
  5. Analyze Paid Search Results

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  • Partner up

Two heads are better than one. Attract more attendees to your webinar by working with another brand. Give your audience a diverse perspective from two well-aligned brands that have the unified power together.

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  • Leverage you home page. Post your webinar topic like Zerto’s.
  • Share through Social media like Facebook, Twitter and professional networking sites.

Start with your current groups  who may introduce you to other connections and create a profile pic or cover images that can be easily noticed by anyone who visits your social sites.

  • Guest post from Speaker

Guest posts can drive more website traffic. Have your guest speaker write a blog about the webinar topic and maybe an overview of the points that will be discussed during the webinar. A strong call to action is required on the guest post.

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  • Create a detailed, instructive and informative Landing Page

Include all the webinar details in your landing page: title, topic, date & time, site log in details, the speaker and links to registering.

Answering Quora: How do you promote B2B webinars for an IT solution?

Case Study: How Callbox’s Marketing Automation Tool Accelerated Success for Singapore’s Leadership Curriculum Provider

  • Send thank you and confirmation email

Create a thank you reply to those who registered and include confirmation of their registration to your webinar.

Tip: Make this an auto reply to the registrant once they have submitted the form.

  • Make sure to send reminder emails

Corporate or business emails are likely flooded with new messages daily, so set follow up/reminder emails to registrants in a scheduled manner which would remind him of the upcoming webinar.

Tip: Reminder emails may be sent twice or thrice with a 2-3 day interval , before the webinar. IT

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  • Blog about your webinar

Write blogs about the topics that will be covered during the webinar. Include CTAs that will promote your webinar and attract readers to be interested in registering in.

Tip: You may also write related topics and link the main webinar topic to gain more traffic. Examples are:

** Event Marketing: Four Important Tips to Push Attendances

** 3 Cost-Effective Ways to Use Interactive Content in Events Marketing and Driving Relationships

  • Send calendar invites

Aside from the reminder emails, send a calendar invite to registrants to make sure that they will be notified on the exact date and time of the webinar.

Keep you hard work from going to waste. Manage both pre and post  webinar promotions and leverage on marketing tools and strategies. B2B IT webinars should be creative and effective just as how product demo and e-learning webinars do.

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