Planning on launching a product? Here’s how you make it ‘viral’


Product launches are vital in a business that strives to establish (or maintain) presence in its respective niche and beyond. It’s like the red carpet event prior to a prestigious awards show.

It’s usually a hit-or-miss gig; there’s no in-between. Either you launch your product successfully with all the media hype (positive, preferably), or, the event stunk like a rotten piece of forest vegetable.

As a marketer, you should not leave the fate of your product launch on the event itself, because by then you’d have little control of what’s going to happen. There has to be an effort to ensure the success way ahead of the launch schedule.

That’s where the ‘viral’ element is important.

By making your launch shareable online, you create an initial group of audience which already has an increased probability of supporting your event.

John Doherty, SEO and Content marketing specialist and veteran blogger, shares his tips on how to achieve ‘virality’ in launching a business product.


Build Your Audience First

The step that most people miss is the importance of building an online audience before you even announce your project. The strength of an engaged audience is the most valuable force multiplier you can possess, as these are your true and dedicated fans who will spread your cause far and wide to their audiences.

Pre-seed the idea to friends and influencers

You have your idea, you have built an audience with consistently relevant and high quality articles and opinions, and now you’re ready to start work on it.

Find a couple of peers that you trust and ask them their opinion. This could be your boss, a peer in your industry, or an influencer who has experience with launching products in your niche. Tell them your idea. If they are a trusted person (and they should be at this point), don’t fear that they might steal your idea. People are generally more helpful than you might ever realize.

Minimum Viable Product

Now comes the fun part, the part where you actually get to build something.

The goals here are to give people an example of what, an idea of why, and a reason to sign up (what will they get in exchange?).You don’t need a fully functional product (or even functional at all) to launch your intent; give people a taste for what the product could be.

Dedicated Landing Page

The next step is a dedicated landing page. There are many platforms on which to do this, but the key elements are:

  • Easy signup;

  • Emotional pull (what the reader will get);

  • Encouragement to share;

  • Enough information to get them excited;

  • An aesthetically pleasing layout (that instills trust).

Encourage social sharing

After signup, encourage your new audience member to share the project with their own audience. Provide multiple sharing options for them, on the various social networks, as many people online have a preferred audience for sharing different information.

Custom Landing Page after Confirmation

Another way to approach the thank you, and my preference is a custom landing page dedicated to the people who have signed up to your mailing list.

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