Network Management Sector Rises: Industry to Grow 9% in 2019

Network Management Industry

There are substantial reasons why entrepreneurs in the network management industry should rejoice.

A report by Markets and Markets has cited that the market for network management systems would grow past expectations by 2019, stimulated by high demand and a strong sense of innovation among major players. The same report also placed compound annual growth rate (or CAGR) at 9.5 percent.

As more enterprises from various industries are adopting better networking tools to streamline their business operations, the report has pegged the value of the network management industry at a whopping $11 billion! This is, of course, a far cry from previous years, particularly in 2014 when the industry was valued at $7 billion. Much of the revenue, of course, will be generated in North America, followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific.

There are several reasons to this. For one, more and more enterprises from various industries (most notably, the government, IT and telecommunications and the financial sectors) are on an “updating spree.” There has been a significant rise in purchases of network management tools driven by the desire to reduce costs and to acquire better visibility of network operations.

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Aside from that, we should also consider the demands of “Big Data.” Businesses need effective tools to optimize their data management capabilities via scalable solutions and reduce the risks associated with large data acquisitions. To such an extent, these enterprises have increased their requirements for solutions, encouraging network management vendors to develop better products along these lines:

  • Network traffic management
  • Network device management
  • Network configuration management
  • Network security management

The total network management market to grow from $7,024.5 million in 2014 to $11,058.6 million in 2019. source:

As a result, we should all expect solutions providers to up the ante when it comes to offering something new to the table. But more than just product development, increasing competition also calls for better handling of marketing campaigns. It’s not only the product that spells success, but also the way how we present it to our target audiences.

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Evolution of network management technologies has triggered some companies to become more aggressive in marketing their solutions. Of course, most of them will make use of the usual tools (social media, landing pages, the works). But to truly rise above the noise, you need to know how to make effective use of the tools at your disposal.

Content marketing may not sound appealing in such a technical industry as network management. But, in today’s B2B arena, it pays to have a good sense of knowing what your audiences want and how to make them listen to what you have to say. Here’s how to create industry related content.

There are several factors that make this possible. The most significant is, no doubt, having a robust marketing team that will package your messages and draws in potential customers to your fold.

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