Medical Sales: 5 Keys to Success in Healthcare Selling


The struggle is real” rings very true for medical sales reps.

The competition is nothing less than fierce. So, how can you ensure that you stand out above the crowd?

Here’s how…

Know your customer

Put relationship-development first by learning about them professionally and build up your rapport.

Personalize outreach

Making that extra step to reach out to your customers will go a long way!

Use umbrella questions

By using open-ended questions will get you more in-depth answers than just a simple “yes” or “no”.

Set daily goals

Don’t go in blindly. Map out each day so you know what your work day is going to look like and prepare for it accordingly.

Learn from “No” and adapt

The dreaded “no” from a customer is inevitable, but it’s necessary so you can learn from what went wrong.

Identify where you went wrong, and work on a pitch that will get you a “yes” the next time.


The challenge can be tough, but with the right methods, you’re sure to succeed.