Your Marketing Holiday Checklist to End and Start the Year with a Bang

Your Marketing Holiday Checklist to End and Start the Year with a Bang

The holiday season is just around the block. You might have stumbled over a few wintry decorations and be filled by inevitable Christmas tunes but with the annual celebration comes a challenge faced by marketers over the holidays. Just because the ho-ho season is already in does not mean you need to put your job efforts on hold.

While it could be a hiatus for some, you are still left with a struggle in catching up with your potential prospects or even keeping your connections with your current clients. You cannot escape the feels of Christmas but it comes alongside the stimulating task in your valued profession.

So, before you proceed in wrapping your gifts, you do not want to miss the essential marketing holiday checklist for you to also wrap the year up. Below are some of the things you need to get over with by the end of the year:

Send out an email to your clients.

In connecting with existing clients, you may opt to ask about their plans, inform them of an upcoming offer, or merely check on how they are doing. The season would likely keep your clients more occupied for the holidays and staying active on social would keep you on track and more engaged with them. Why is that so?

As John Hall, contributor at Forbes, put in his writing, “Potential clients will be using social, and if you want them to find you, you’ve got to stay active. Now, you don’t need to bombard them with updates — just a gentle reminder that you’re present is enough to make a difference.” Indeed, a thoughtful client update is as vital as clients themselves.

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Send out holiday greeting e-cards

Unless sending out e-cards expressing well wishes would make you sound cheesy, it does not hurt to let your clients know that they, in any way, are remembered. It will not be cheesy as it sounds because the holiday season can be a great cover-up. Your clients would appreciate it if you would go the extra mile, much more if they were not expecting it. Sending them a quick greeting for the holidays would make them feel valued and it would definitely leave a lasting impression.

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Share relevant content

Content plays a big role in boosting your lead generation and this was highlighted in Why Content Is Your Best Asset for B2B Lead Generation published by Cox Blue. Understand that the contents you share must be relevant aside from creative and must offer something of value in order to pull your customers further into your website. Given that it’s the month of jingling bells and fancy candy canes, you do not want your content to still be filled with the creeps of November. Keep in mind that relevant and engaging content matters.

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Set marketing goals for the holiday

Enjoying the holidays while being able to pursue marketing tasks is of great importance because you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Organize your to-dos, plan your content calendar, set up meetings – those are some of the things that you need to finish and cross out of your checklist. During the holidays, there will be things that would slip off your mind so setting up a list will not only make you organize the things that you plan to do but will also make you manage your time effectively.

Moreover, planning your content calendar is equally important as your posts on every platform. Synectics Media outlined that content calendars are great organizational tools for short and long-term planning and goals in your marketing strategy and the benefits include organization and consistency. Also, before the new year would start kicking in, make sure you have set appointments on prospects immediately after the holidays.

Of course, your life does not end after the holiday season was over. Considering that you have ended your year with a bang, you may probably think of starting another with the same promising approach. Here’s how:

Follow-up on Prospects

Now that you have kept track on your prospects the previous year, you might want to consider doing a follow-up in January. As Jeff Hoffman stated at HubSpot, January is the ideal time to upgrade, renew, and cross-sell to existing customers and a great way to cap the year and ensure you haven’t left any issues unresolved. Picking up where you left off would mean a productive start for the new year.

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Identify Their Priorities for the Year

Given that you have already made a follow-up on your existing client, you may want to know what their priorities would be for the year. As mentioned in Hoffman’s post at HubSpot, you have to “get a sense of client marketing cadence, trade show schedules, and product/feature roadmaps for the year. When you know what clients have prioritized, you can plan outreach accordingly and offer what they need before they know they need it.” The fact that you are able to make plans on their calendar, there is a greater possibility that you will have a place on their list of priorities for the first three months, the least.

The holiday season is not just about decorative wreaths and gifts, it is about being able to make the best of the year and before you know it, you have already made a successful start for the days to come!

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