Marketing Automation Tips to Improve Conversion


What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation can be defined as a technology that assists firms in growing by automating marketing operations, tracking customer engagement, and providing personalized experiences to each customer across marketing, sales, and service. Businesses can track and act on customer data with marketing automation integrated to a CRM to deliver automatic engagements across the web, email, social, and sales channels depending on who the customer is and what they worry about. This allows marketing teams to create successful campaigns that provide the appropriate message to the right person at the right time.

Marketing automation is the technique of employing software to automate marketing campaigns and activities throughout the buyer’s journey. It helps you get greater outcomes by streamlining your digital marketing operations, reducing human error, and increasing efficiency.

Role of Marketing Automation in Lead Nurturing

Marketing automation assists you in identifying potential customers and automating the process of nurturing those leads to the point where they are prepared for the sales process. It automates processes that get prospects to the stage where they may be directly engaged by the sales team with the objective of closing a sale and beginning a long-term relationship, and the information it gathers might assist you in deciding which marketing strategies to employ. Marketing automation accomplishes this by substantially increasing the productivity of your sales funnel, allowing you to quickly convert a large number of leads into satisfied customers through a combination of tactics. 

Marketing automation allows businesses to streamline, automate, and measure marketing operations and workflows in order to improve operational efficiency and accelerate revenue rapidly. Many modern marketing practices, such as lead generation, segmentation, lead nurturing and scoring, relationship marketing, cross-sell and upsell, retention, ROI measurement, and account-based marketing, are made possible by marketing automation.

According to statistics, 49 percent of organizations are already utilizing marketing automation, while over 55 percent of B2B businesses have adopted automation technologies

B2B organizations can use marketing automation to connect and engage prospects in a variety of ways, including:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Lead nurturing and inbound marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Landing pages and forms

Let’s discuss about proven marketing automation tips that can help improve conversion for your marketing campaigns.

Marketing Automation Tips to Improve Conversion

Marketing automation, like any other marketing strategy, emerged and proved useful because it assists businesses and organizations in achieving specific business objectives, the most important of which are:

  • Generating qualified sales leads
  • Converting qualified sales leads into profitable customers
  • To maximize your clients’ lifetime value through customer retention
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Design a Map for the Lead Journey

Despite the fact that marketing automation solutions now handle the majority of the work, you still need some guidance and assistance to enable the software to provide optimal results. It’s critical to visualise how your leads go through the different phases of their conversion journey. This can assist you in identifying the processes as well as determining where leads become stuck along the way, which you can address in the marketing campaign design. 

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There are numerous lead stages in a journey that could be significant to your automated program design planning. Have a strategy in place for each lead stage so that you can utilize marketing automation to handle the behaviors and actions at that phase and keep every lead progressing toward conversion.

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Employ an Automatic Qualification Process

More leads and conversions can be generated by being able to move leads through the pipeline at a quicker rate. Driving promising leads through the conversion process opens up space in the pipeline  to funnel new leads. Allocating score values to act like a lead signing up for a demo or a free account might be part of your automatic qualification process. This move could reflect a desire for a particular product or service.

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Investing the time to allocate the appropriate values to how leads interact with your brand will allow you to collect leads quicker and automate the next appropriate move, accelerating the lead’s progression to sales. Increased speed to lead means your prospects get the data and engagements they seek quicker, and it also lets your sales team realize when the prospect is prepared to discuss and engage with sales.

Marketing automation software can be used to assign a lead score based on the prospect’s actions and decide whether and when that lead matches your scoring criteria. From there, automated triggers for sales engagement or allocation into another campaign at any time.

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Activate Personalization and Segmentation Across Marketing Activities

By consolidating all of your data in a marketing automation platform, you can gain greater insights from the vast amount of prospect data you obtain across all digital channels. You may leverage data from your prospect’s digital footprint to drive segmentation and deliver appropriate personalisation in both marketing and sales engagement by incorporating artificial intelligence into an automated platform.

This makes it easier to bring scaled efficiencies to personalized emails and other lead engagements. It’ll be simpler to demonstrate to these prospects that you comprehend who they are as persons and that you can solve their problems this way.

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Implement Multi-Channel Campaigns

Multi-channel Marketing Wheel

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The more channels you may use to engage with prospects, the more likely you are to reach your target audience extensively. Use marketing automation to help you do this, such as scheduling and sending email campaigns, social media, SMS text messaging, video, and other initiatives. You can schedule the publication of these ads over days and times to maximize the number of people who see them. And, thanks to artificial intelligence, the marketing automation software will frequently recommend optimized days and times to boost your reach and response rates.

Use Automation for Increasing Your Social Listening and Monitoring Capabilities

The responsiveness of a lead might also be a deciding factor. However, staying on top of all the online comments—both favourable and negative—can be tough, much alone responding to them in a timely manner. As a result, you should seek a marketing automation solution with social listening and monitoring features.

When your business is featured on social media, be notified so you can jump in and join the conversation, reply to customer feedback, or answer inquiries. It enables you to have personalized communication with your target audience. Those who observed the conversation will notice your degree of care and concern, which may persuade them to change their minds.

Employ Email Marketing Automation

You may enhance your conversions by employing email automation to do the following:

  • Increasing the number of free customers who become paying customers
  • Increasing traffic to your website, landing pages, or blog
  • Increasing the visitors to your website, landing pages, and blog
  • Increasing the number of subscribers to your blog or channel

This can be accomplished by sending email sequences based on user activity.

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So, if you want to convert free consumers into paying customers, you may send them an email sequence that includes benefits of your paid version, customer success stories, and persuasive CTAs to convince them to sign up. You can boost traffic by sending newsletters or blogs based on what your subscribers have expressed an interest in. Sending separate emails to men and women is a simple demographic-based automation. Emails that are segmented boost the likelihood of engagement and, as a result, maximize conversion.

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5 Best Marketing Automation Tools


It requires a lot of time to manage internet campaigns, gather data and leads from them, and then share leads with your sales team. Your leads may have gone cold, or worse, been taken by competitors, during the time that passed between those phases. A good integrated CRM, such as Zoho, can assist you in better documenting, managing, and nurturing leads.

You may use the tool to scan business cards collected at events and transmit the information immediately into automated email nurturing campaigns. Your website visitors and form fillers are automatically indexed in the tool’s CRM, and you can tailor lead nurturing email chains to convert those leads.


HubSpot is a marketing, sales, and service platform that allows you to automate your business strategy. It contains a wealth of resources for learning marketing automation from specialists. They also provide training and certificates. HubSpot has sophisticated tools for tracking customer journeys in real-time. You may track your website visitors’ behaviour and send them personalised emails with special offers and discounts.

To capture new leads, HubSpot provides contact forms and opt-in popups. With effortless integrations, you can also utilize third-party solutions to generate leads and save them in HubSpot for further activity. HubSpot allows you to create powerful marketing campaigns just with a few clicks. It’s personalization software entirely automates your marketing and sales strategy.


Drip is an eCommerce marketing automation platform. It lets you create tailored marketing campaigns for each stage of the consumer journey. Drip is a customer relationship management (CRM) software for online shops and businesses. It gathers client information and allows you to design an effective automated marketing strategy.

On your website, you may keep track of each of your subscribers’ activities and customize your email marketing based on their preferences. Drip also integrates with other eCommerce marketing solutions, allowing you to learn even more about your customers. If you run an eCommerce store, Drip can help you increase sales and expand your business beyond your dreams.


OptinMonster is the greatest lead generating and conversion optimization software for all types of websites. It uses Exit-Intent® technology to convert your abandoning website visitors into subscribers and customers. OptinMonster is the most user-friendly and flexible software for creating effective opt-in campaigns. It gives you the ability to test and alter your marketing strategy in real time. OptinMonster ensures that visitors do not abandon your site without taking action, even if you already have traffic.

With OptinMonster’s drag-and-drop builder and several campaign options, you can launch your marketing automation campaign in a few clicks. To attract customers, you can utilize one of the pre-built campaign types or create your own from scratch. For your business website, OptinMonster is a necessary tool. It enables you to create laser-targeted marketing campaigns that can dramatically help your business grow.

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Sendinblue provides a number of digital marketing tools to help you automate your marketing strategy. It includes a robust toolkit that allows you to effortlessly engage your audience, generate leads, and organise marketing campaigns. It automatically distributes targeted communications to your intended audience. In less than a minute, you may send transactional emails to your subscribers’ inboxes.

SendinBlue is one of the finest email marketing platforms. Not only that, but they also provide marketing automation software for SMS and live chat. SendinBlue is an excellent solution for communicating with your target audience via email, live chat, and text.

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Wrapping Up!

Your marketing and sales teams may be exceptional at gathering and converting prospects. Marketing automation solutions, on the other hand, can assist them improve personalization, expedite qualification, and magnify conversations. These features can increase the number of leads in your pipeline and help you build a healthier relationship with your customers.

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