Lackluster Email Marketing Campaign? Get a boost now!


Lackluster Email Marketing Campaign Get a boost now!

Email marketing can be a pain in the butt when not enough planning and execution go into it. Considering it’s still the most popular and b2b lead generation marketing channel out there – and this is despite of the growing power of social media and content – there’s really no way that a lead generation company would downplay their email efforts.

Not all campaigns soar high, though. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work on it, the campaign will always go through a relative slump that could hurt the chances of achieving your goals. B2B leads are a little tricky to understand, that’s why predicting their response behavior may vary through time.

Here are some tips on how to drastically improve your email marketing campaign, which will also bear fruits for your other efforts such as telemarketing and appointment setting:

1. Less is more.

According to ReturnPath, the average user receives 416 commercial email a month. Short online attention spans, coupled with the average overcrowded inbox, mean copy needs to engage and inform in the most succinct way possible. But don’t be deceived; condensing your content, choosing the right words, and simplifying email structure requires more thought.

2. Invert the pyramid

Take a page from journalism and don’t “bury the lead.” Communicate your key message, benefits, and value propositions “above the fold” to grab reader attention. As you write, ask yourself, “How will reading this help the reader overcome a real business challenge?”

Here are two body copy examples for our fictitious client, Video Game Piracy Protection (VGPP):

3. Make it personal

Your emails should include personalization for each recipient. It helps focus reader attention, encourages further reading, and according to Experian, it can increase open rates by 29 percent and click through rates by 41 percent. Include the name of the recipient’s organization so they can relate the benefit of your solution to their workplace context. Mention their name once in the email copy, maybe twice, but no more.

4. Repeat after me: Do not repeat.

Repetition makes you seem lazy. Each step of the reader’s journey, from subject line to body copy to CTA to landing page, needs to add value. For the recipient, reading the same copy on a landing page that they just read in an email makes them think, “The sender didn’t value my time enough to add additional information, so I’m not going any further.” A landing page, in particular, needs to expand on the benefits outlined in the email.

5. Remind and Revise

To effectively capture leads, your emails should always comprise at least a launch and reminder sequence. Brevity is key. So is communicating your solution’s benefits. Consider how to strike a balance between the two. Draft, review, revise, (repeat) and proofread copy. One spelling error can undo all your good work.

6. Value Localization

Keeping the aforementioned best practices in mind to ensure clear, concise, personalized, value-adding copy, you may also need to consider the need for localization. If an email is translated for use in several countries, be wary of cultural differences, particularly with regard to humor and slang. If the campaign budget limits localization to a simple translation, repeat the mantra: “Less is more.”

Source: 6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing