‘Tis the Season for B2B: Last Minute Marketing Tactics for the Holidays

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It is December, a month many businesses associate with high consumer marketing activity. The big brands are busy doing all these activities, knowing that the month signals the last gasp for achieving lead generation and appointment setting objectives. Small companies on the other hand are applying certain strategies in order to end the year right.

But since it is the last gasp, marketers in the B2B marketing industry should know better than to apply ineffective ploys.

The year is about to end and it is important to make the most out of the remaining days by considering these merry tactics for this very merry month:

Newsjack the season

And the Holidays are just one of those important times to keep in touch within audience sentiments via important events. Observe this year’s Holiday trends such as Christmas gift recommendations and significant events. Create content about these trends and make sure to add in a little of your insights.

Humanize your brand

It is the season in which we express our humanistic side by sharing and giving. It would also be important for B2B marketers to humanize their offers. December is home to important religious events that are close to people’s hearts, so centering your marketing activities based on the core values promoted by these events can win the hearts of decision-makers. Feel free to share how your company celebrates these events via Facebook , Twitter and other social media marketing channels.

Reflect on the year’s highlights

You might have experienced a good year. You might not. Either way, December is an important time to reflect about landmark gains. Your present B2B partners might need to know how you fare during the year, which can be effectively illustrated by infographics, case studies and slide presentations. These forms of year-end content can be utilized as a marketing tool to highlight important activities indicating company growth and success.

Standout with themed offers

The Holidays give ample opportunities for spending. Buyer activities are high during the season, which also translates to brutal competition among companies in both the B2B and B2C arenas. People are eager to munch away at the handsomest discounts and freebies, so it follows that you should give offers that make Santa’s gift-giving activities seem like charity.

With these marketing strategies, marketers can effectively cap the year with ample sales closes. Not only that, such activities can help locate potential clients that might want to partner up with you next year.