Increase your Software Sales in 5 Easy Steps

Increase your Software Sales in 5 Easy Steps

You can bet your bottom dollar that software is still an important industry that’s driving innovations the world over. It’s the information age for crying out loud, and we have to recognize the fact that software will bring about major disruptions across other major industries, particularly financial services and healthcare.

Still, we have to admit the fact that the software industry is a bloody arena, where survival depends on the hardness of your armor and the sharpness of your sword. Basically, you need to have a hardcore product that is expected to slice the competition to bits. But what if we tell you it’s not always the weapons that ensure victory. In most cases, it’s the way you move around the arena that allows you to identify opportunities to deal a devastating blow.

For a software company to get ahead with its SaaS and big data products, it is essential to make use of the right approaches to generate interest. However, this has become a challenge on account of several issues which have made it difficult for software companies to solidify their positions in their respective markets. In an article for HubSpot, Lindsay Kolowich is able to identify these challenges as follows:

  1. Generating Traffic and Leads
  2. Providing the ROI of your Marketing Activities
  3. Securing Enough Budget
  4. Managing your Website
  5. Identifying the Right Technologies for your Needs
  6. Targeting Content for an International Audience
  7. Training your Team
  8. Hiring Top Talent

One thing’s for sure, these challenges are nothing new, but they encourage software companies to take a step back and assess the approaches they got wrong and improve on those they got right. More importantly, it’s about using the right process along the lines of generating more sales for certain products and services.

Want a big boost in revenue, apply these steps and you will reach your income goals in no time.

Research the market

It’s always best to dip your toes in the water before wading in. In your case as a software provider, make sure what opportunities are there to leverage before you can even begin letting your target audience know about your offers. After all, the foundation of any effective marketing campaign is the very data that it bases much of its activities on. For Laura Lake in The Balance, market research allows you to bridge the gaps between your products and the very people that need them and build a strategy for filling such gaps.

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Identify your platforms

As much as possible, you need to select the right platforms that will carry your brand’s message. Social media, in this case, has become imperative as B2B buyers also use services like Facebook and Twitter to seek out potential vendors. There are also buyers who prefer to receive proposals through email or telemarketing. At any rate, you are compelled to use a combination of inbound and outbound tactics to better seek out prospects.

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Build your own list

Buying your own mailing list sounds like the easiest thing to do, but to be able to identify and locate the right leads for your pipeline, you have to build your own based on your specifications. This way, you will be able to rightly define the type of clients you are looking for. Still, building your own marketing list takes a whole lot of time and eats many resources, in which case buying a ready-made list of qualified leads becomes a viable option.

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Cleanse your database

Handling a large CRM database offers a lot of challenges for marketers in the software industry. Using a lead management tool, in this case, is essential in keeping your mailing lists free from invalid numbers and duplications that will otherwise affect the performance of your marketing efforts.

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Nurture your leads

To make higher software sales a possibility, you need to know how best to reinforce your lead nurturing efforts. For sure, your prospects need a lot more information before deciding on purchasing a software product. Delivering messages to them on a scheduled basis allows you to increase their knowledge about your brand and, eventually, help them make the leap. It’s only a matter of creating the kind of content that resonates well with their expectations.

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