How to Keep Your WordPress Database on Top Shape with Remote DBA Services

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If you are in business then you appreciate the invaluable place of data for your success. In fact business entrepreneurship experts call it the most important asset for any successful company. A study by the U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) shows the modern business environment is dictated by how well your business manages its data especially online.

In fact the findings showed that 89% of surveyed businesses which had recorded improved sales over the last two years had hired database management services. The bottom tier in the survey had not optimized data on their WordPress sites which led to loss of business.

With so much emphasis on database administration for your website you need to get some insight on the whole concept. This will help you in creating a long-term strategy that will help you optimize data on your WordPress site thus improve you ROI.

Why WordPress?

If your business doesn’t already have a website then you are losing out terribly. For starters the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) says there are over 3.92 billion internet users. Without leveraging on these numbers you are losing out on a chance to target a global market. If your business is not online then you are non-existent because over 80% first go online before making a purchase according to eMarketer research.

Well, which type of website do you go for? WordPress is the obvious content management system (CMS) that is simply unrivalled.  There are myriad benefits of using this CMS including:

  • Ease of use because no specialized skills are needed. There is no HTML editing and FTP software required for your website to run.
  • Versatility because it is browser based meaning you can access your site from any computer.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) as search engines love this CMS. Its code is simple and clean and optimizing it for search engines is easy. It is easy to optimize for specific keywords.
  • Blogging capabilities and even setting up of RSS feeds and email subscriptions requires a simple set-up.

In essence, you have control of your WordPress site and extending functionality is easy with plug-ins. In essence, users love this website and big brands from CNN to Times Magazine use the same CMS. In fact the top pages on Google are WordPress again highlighting the potential for your company.

Database Administration for WordPress

WordPress uses PHP to manage your data. All materials on your site from comments to posts are available on the database. Storing and retrieval of this information can be done any time on the MySQL database management system. This is where things get tricky especially if you are a busy entrepreneur. From the initial set-up you need to create a database name, password and user name.

From installation everything should ideally run seamlessly. However, in the world of technology there are always glitches. What’s more your website is busy and you have much more on your hands. A simple error which you haven’t foreseen can lose your business a lot of money.

The first option that would come to mind would be using open source management system such as phpMyAdmin but there us a catch; you need to learn PHP and MySQL and these are technical areas which will no doubt consume a lot of your time and money.

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This is where remote DBA services come in handy. These are experienced experts who will handle everything in relation to your database. Getting insight on how these professionals work is essential and you need to click here to know more about remote DBA services. Some of the areas they work on include:

  • Performance tuning: This is a major driver in ensuring a functional website. If your page is slow there are myriad technical problems that could be hampering the database. These experts handle this through non-invasive database management techniques.
  • Problem solving: In case there is an outage DBA experts will have instituted techniques for alerts. In case a problem arises they are able to solve it before it slows down your WordPress site.
  • 24/7 database administration: As a website owner you need to appreciate the fact that you are online around the clock. It is not possible for you to control the database 24/7 but your remote DBA specialist has the resources and expertise to keep watch all this time.
  • Design: Your site’s design might be flawed right from the code and these experts will alert you about his. They will then go ahead to resolve the design flaw to optimize your site’s functionality.
  • Cost-savings: If you hire a remote DBA expert the cost will be lower than hiring an in-house specialist. They operate online and work on your site without the need for physical presence at your business.

As your business grows so does your data; without the right DBA services you risk losing business due to technical malfunctions that come with larger volumes of data over time. In this fast-paced business environment you need to make smart choices and none is better than hiring remote database services.

Author Bio:

Sujain Thomas is a data IT professional who works closely with DBA experts to provide her clients with fantastic services to solve their data problems. If you need data IT solutions, she is the person for the job. She enjoys writing on database administration services and other topics in the IT field.

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