How to Conduct Effective Market Research to Construct Better Marketing Strategies

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B2B marketing is more of a science than it is a simple act of selling products and services. And much like a science, it is concerned with systems and relations.

B2B lead generation and appointment setting activities are interconnected. Then again, they function in specific ways, with the former identifying good prospects that the latter can direct towards making a purchase.

But such processes are subject to conditions that act randomly and independently beyond the control of marketers. For instance, market behaviors are arbitrary because people decide differently in terms of finding apt solutions to specific problems. It is this problem that makes generalizing the B2B landscape as difficult as predicting an earthquake.

It is in this sense that marketers need to conduct research. At least, with market research, businesses can develop appropriate actions to market uncertainties.

It is no doubt difficult to provide an accurate summary of audience behaviors, but market research helps identify weaknesses, assess current market situations and ultimately aid in forming better decisions.

Just as we want to effectively satisfy our curiosities toward the natural world, it is also important for marketers to arrive at better marketing conclusions through potent market research methods.

Listen to what the market says

What better way to know trending topics than through social listening. Focusing on what the market is talking about, businesses can gain knowledge about specific needs, or at least common needs within a specific demographic. This is possible through participating in online forums, industry discussions and events.

Find out ranking keywords

In terms of what specific products a particular audience wants, keyword research enables businesses to dissect preferences based on what people type in the search boxes. Knowing which keywords rank the most not only helps develop one’s SEO strategy; it also helps in determining new marketing niches that can be tapped.

Curate for content

The information you need to optimize your strategies can be sourced from other institutions not necessarily concerned with business. There are thousands of nifty blogs that feature a great wealth of marketing information online. It is then essential to explore relevant platforms and keep your eyes and ears open to new information worth noting.

Survey your audience

Concrete facts are needed in gauging market preferences. A business can only get them through effective market survey activities. For the B2B industry, phone surveys are excellent methods. They allow a business to get to the heart of their audience, i.e. to know how the audience perceives the brand. Such market research services are offered by a competent B2B telemarketing company that places evidence above anything else.

Can’t decide whether to outsource or not? Let this be a guide for your decision making.

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