Hiring a B2B Appointment Setting Company? Consider these first


One of the most crucial parts of processing B2B leads is being able to convince potential clients to make time and meet with someone from your company. That meeting is where the fate of the interaction lies, so it’s important that the right people are involved, and that they are scheduled to meet at the right time and for the right reasons.

But before you even get to that point, you need excellent B2B appointment setting. In-house marketers, albeit their knowledge about their own products and services, are not always the right people for the task. That’s why most businesses get help from an appointment setting company.

Of course, if you plan to acquire external services, you need to make sure they’re up to the job. Here are some of the important considerations when acquiring appointment setting services:

Control over the marketing message

Every lead generation services company has its own ‘formula’ in successfully getting appointments from prospects. But this could also mean they have full creative license to make tweaks on the overall message that you want to project to your targets. This could likely lead to an inconsistency, hence it’s important to make sure that before the campaign sets out, you are able to maintain control over the marketing message and general approach of their calls.

Source of data

A telemarketing company usually has its own database of prospects and their contact information. While this is very efficient especially to those who don’t have their own contact lists, it also poses a risk. How accurate is their ‘proprietary database’? Where do they get it? Do they honor the DNC Registry? Are they targeting the right niche? ANd most important of all, will they sell your appointments to your competitors? Before hooking up with a firm, make sure you have these loopholes covered.

Payment vs. worth of appointments

Most firms have fixed amounts being charged either on a per-appointment or monthly basis. The question is, how difficult is your campaign, and will be worth paying that amount for a particular number of appointments? The fact is that no matter how easy or challenging your industry is to penetrate, you will still be billed the same price. Now if you’re paying handsomely per appointment that could easily be generated 10-20 times in a week, you could lose your budget. Before you commit, make sure your money is worth the spend.