4 Tips on How to Get Prospects Interested in Your Business

4 Tips on How to Get Prospects Interested in Your Business

The secret to increasing your sales margins lie mostly in the marketing side of your business.

For one thing, lead generation and appointment setting are essential to acquiring high quality leads that translate to purchases. However, there is still a lot for marketers to know and apply in order to lengthen the interactions they have with their prospects.

Generating interest is highly important if you opt to put your products front and center, and eventually push prospects towards a purchase. Apparently, not everyone has truly mastered the art of generating interest.

Nothing’s really perfect in the world of B2B marketing, but you can always bet your bottom dollar on effective marketing advice, starting with:

Listen to what your audience has to say.

You will have to understand that your prospects have issues that they want to streamline within their own enterprises. And depending on what these issues are, you should be able to craft your message around them. Rather than spend time on giving away too much details about your product, try to dig deep with questions that really matter to your prospects.

As Jeff Hoffman of HubSpot puts it: “Not everybody you’re selling to will be interested in your product, but I guarantee they’re always interested in themselves.”

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Keep them guessing.

While it’s good to be an effective salesman like what the self-help books tell you to be, focusing too much on promoting your product will only give prospects the right reasons to turn you down. Their curiosity needs to be fed, and giving too much away wouldn’t help prolong your interactions. As much as possible, avoid giving prospects a panoramic view of the horizon. Give them a thumbnail version of it, and you will get them to know more about you.

Hoffman says, “Playing up curiosity over credibility can be scary for reps. But if you maintain confidence and courage alongside your curiosity, I guarantee you will grab and hold your buyer’s attention.”

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Explain the ins and outs.

This is where your salesmanship should be invoked. Potential clients are itching to know more about what they (and of course) you can do to make things a tad easier. In this vein, you should fill the shoes of a teacher and an expert. The important thing here is to guide them and show them that you know your industry all too well. Sensing this, you prospects  may want to hold on until the very moment he or she decides to make a sales appointment.

Get to the human core.

As much as we can admit it, people are emotional creatures and they respond to stimuli that touches upon the challenges they face as humans. For this reason, create your messages and coincide them with the issues they face. They will listen accordingly.